Dehydration symptoms you should be aware of

Severe dehydration can affect you in ways you probably would have put down to other factors.  If you are suffering from any of these four symptoms, grab a glass of water and see if it helps get you back on track.

Many people put feeling dizzy down to standing up too fast; however, it could be a lack of water. Grab a drink and see if it subsides.

Dark urine
If your urine is a dark colour or has a strong smell you don’t have enough water in your body. The colour and smell are both down to the fact that your kidneys are working harder to produce wee.

If your body feels so tired you can’t even face the most basic of daily tasks you need to graba glass of water. Many people put this down to a late night or sleep deprivation but it is also a sign that you are severely dehydrated.

Feeling confused? Well you can put it down to lack of fluid in your system. Your confusion may include finding it hard to do simple tasks or concentrate so up your daily water intake.