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There's no better feeling than giving someone a gift you just KNOW they're going to love.

If your BFF, sister or anyone else fancies themselves as a bit of a gym buff, they'd be only delighted to open up any of these on Christmas morning.

Juicers, amazing workout gear, the perfect set of headphones – expect to see this year's gift paraded all over the recipient's Instagram.

1. Blitz it up
Whip up smoothies, green juices and everything in between easy with this Kenwood juicer. The container unscrews to become your drink bottle, too. Handy or what?

Kenwood 2Go Sport, €44.99, Kenwood World


2. Fill it up
You can't go wrong with a water bottle for your fave gym bunny, especially when it's pink. This Brita version filters while you drink, so is perfect for using on the go.

Brita Fill&Go Water Bottle, €18.99, Brita or good retailers nationwide


3. Wow them at the gym
HOW cool are these leggings, from Irish owned brand Fit Is An Attitude? And (most importantly), they're "non see-through," so you can squat to your heart's content.

Purple Sunset Long Leggings, €49, Fit Is An Attitude


4. Stylish and sporty
We love the adidas Originals range, just as wearable in the gym as it is outside. This t-shirt will score you serious brownie points.

adidas Originals Women's Tongue Label Tee, €28, Life Style Sports


5. Say it like it is
Lacking motivation? This no-bullsh*t t-shirt should sort things out.

Kayla No Glutes No Glory Tee, €8, Boohoo


6. Turn it up
Bang on-trend and amazing sound quality – the perfect gym-friendly headphones.

Sony MDR Headphones in Red, €44.99, Currys


7. Protein-packed stocking filler
Forgo chocolate this year in favour of… protein bars! Bodyfirst Nutrition has just launched their Christmas selection box, which you can fill with your choice of five bars from any of the ranges they stock.

Protein Bar Christmas Selection Box, €14.95, Bodyfirst Nutrition


We all know that we’re supposed to down 2ltr of water a day.

We know it helps keep hunger pangs at bay; helps our skin and hair look its best, and helps keep our brains in tip-top working order.

But equally, most of us are fully aware of just how difficult it is to keep up a dedicated hydration routine.

Whether we’re put off by having to pop to the toilet every 30minutes, or because we’re more inclined to tuck into coffee, tea and soft drinks – having plenty of water is one of those things that should be straightforward… but rarely is.

In fact, one survey has now confirmed that seven out of ten of us simply don’t hit that 2ltr target – and that’s despite 75 percent of us being aware of our body’s daily water needs.

The same report, which has been compiled by BRITA, also confirmed that men trump women: males are almost twice as likely than females to hit their daily water consumption target (can we not blame our smaller bladders?).

Some 13 percent of respondents furthermore admitted that they’re just too lazy to drink up – although eight out of ten are happy to stick to tap rather than bottled water.

BRITA Ireland said in response that it was “really surprised at some of the research findings, particularly that 70 percent of those surveyed aren’t drinking the recommended daily allowance of water despite knowing the health benefits”.

The survey has been released to promote the BRITA Fill&Go – a BPA-free reusable water bottle which boasts a week-long lasting filter to remove impurities and nasty after-tastes.

Meanwhile, if you find that you’re one of the 70 percent who’s regularly feeling parched (we're guilty as charged), the company furthermore has five top tips for hitting that 2ltr daily water goal.

So drink up!

1) Add flavour: Adding fruit or herbs to your water gives it a lift and makes it less boring. Try mint, lemon or lime, strawberries, raspberries or pineapple.

2) Keep it close:  Most of us don’t drink enough water because we forget or are too lazy. If you have a bottle of water nearby, in your bag or on your desk, you’ll find you drink more of it during the day.

3) Get into a routine: Make an effort to have a glass when you wake up or after you brush your teeth, before your lunch and while you make dinner.

4) Cool down: Throw some ice-cubes in your non-water drinks – it will actually increase your overall intake. In fact, for fans of homemade juices and smoothies, adding in ice-cubes can actually add up to a full glass of water.

5) Try an app: WaterYourBody or Drinking Water can help you on your way. Alternatively, a few alerts on your phone throughout the day will remind you to hit the water-cooler.