Kim Kardashian is fond of a bit of Photoshop every once in a while, but her latest Instagram snap is apparently Photoshop free, according to the star.

She posted the photo to her account, in which she is wearing a purple and black corset, with the caption: “#hourglass #waisttraining #nophotoshopnecessary”.

It was no secret that the star was trying to shed a few pounds after her rant on Twitter last week, and apparently she's lost seven pounds in two weeks after cutting back on carbs. Now she's giving this ‘waist training’ trend a go, which involves the gradual reduction of your waist by wearing a latex waist cincher or corset. Sounds kind of weird to us… next she'll be getting her ribs removed!

While she does look great, we hope she doesn’t get carried away! According to one of Kim’s friends “She feels like she's reached her goal weight now”, so that’s good. But it's no excuse for stepping out in this jumpsuit on Wednesday night:

No excuse at all, Kimmy.