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A man has been arrested in the US for throwing a live, 3-foot long alligator through the window of a Wendy's drive-though. 

Yes, you read that sentence correctly. 

The 24-year-old Florida man reportedly threw the animal from the back of his truck through the window after picking up his order at the drive-thru of the popular US fast food outlet at Royal Palm Beach in Florida. 

Incident reports from the scene, which allegedly took place last October, show pictures of the predator in the restaurant after the bizarre event occurred. 

Joshua James was arrested yesterday on charges of tossing the 3-and-a-half foot creature into the Wendy's kitchen. 

CCTV footage from inside the restaurant shows the creature moving freely throughout the restaurant. 

Joshua is reported to have picked the creature up on the side of the road, according to Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission

Joshua reportedly yelled: "See ya later, alligator" as he drove off… 

(Okay we made that last bit up, but it was just too good to not use.) 



The end of the road could be near for the USA's most controversial presidential hopeful, Donald Trump.

With the majority of the results in from the Iowa caucus – the electoral polls which are always taken as a strong predictor of which Republican and Democratic candidates will go forward in the bid to become the next US President – Trump has lost out to his main rival, Ted Cruz.

"In the end, Mr. Trump came closer to taking third than to winning," the New York Times notes, with Cruz taking 27.7% of votes, Trump taking 24.3% and Florida senator Marco Rubio at 23.1%.

As for the Democratic candidates, despite a celebrity-heavy campaign so far, Hillary Clinton was tied neck-and-neck with her fellow hopeful Bernie Sanders, with Hillary's eventual win decided by a coin toss.

Even with a second place victory, Trump still seems hopeful for a win, telling spectators, "[W]e finished second, and let me tell you something, I’m honoured, I’m just honoured … We’re just so happy with the way everything’s worked out."

Although the Iowa caucus is not always a watertight predictor of which candidates will go forward for presidency, it generally is a strong indicator of which ones will drop out due to lack of support.

For the moment, we're kinda hoping Trump stays in, just so we can giggle at his ridiculous campaign theme tune some more…




While the thought of Donald Trump as the next leader of the free world is terrifying enough, this clip from his rally is actually the stuff of nightmares. 

The so-called Freedom Girls took to the stage at a Trump support rally in Florida on Wednesday to perform a propagranda song to a whopping 10,000 people that were in attendance. 

Yep, if you never thought the day would come when you would see three little girls in cheerleading costumes lip-sync along to a dreadful song about how wonderful a President Donald Trump would make, well we hate to break it to you but the day has well and truly arrived. 

Sample lyrics include: "Enemies of freedom, face the music! Come on boys! Take 'em down!" and "President Donald Trump knows how to make America great! Deal from strength or get crushed every time."

Even delivered in the monotonous voice of eleven-year-olds, we are suitably creeped out. 

But the crowd totally loved it, of course. 

Watch the mesmerising video below:




A priest at the church in New York city in which a baby was found swaddled and in a manger has described the incident as a "Christmas miracle."

A maintenance worker at the church was leaving for his lunch break when he heard the cries of the infant coming from the alter. 

Little did he know, a new-born baby had been left at a nativity scene in the church which had only been erected a few hours beforehand.

"I followed the cries. I walked to the little nativity home we had installed inside the church… I couldn’t believe my eyes," says Jose Moran, the church worker.

"The baby was wrapped in towels. He still had his umbilical cord attached and was next to the Virgin Mary." 

Police have CCTV footage of a women entering the church with a child and leaving empty handed. According to New York law, a person can leave a child at a safe haven such as a church or hospital without facing prosecution once they notify the appropriate person. 

As no one was notified of the newborn's presence, the police have stated that the mother of the child could face criminal charges if found. 

“God works in mysterious ways,” said a local priest to the Daily News. “[The child’s mother] must have been in a difficult place in her life.”

According to the priest, a young couple have already offered to adopt the child who has been nicknamed the 'baby Jesus'. 



A J1 summer is considered a rite of passage for many Irish students, but new changes could mean far fewer people will be granted a visa.

The J1 programme currently allows full-time third-level students studying in Ireland to travel to the US, where they can legally work for a period of four months.

This year alone, more than 8,000 Irish students applied for the visa, with California, Boston, Chicago and New York among the popular destinations.

Now though, Taoiseach Enda Kenny said he fears an "abrupt end" to the system could be ahead, thanks to a new requirement for pre-employment which has been proposed.

If implemented, students would only be granted the visa if they had already had a job lined up in the US.

Though no official reason has been given for this dramatic proposal, it's thought a number of high-profile incidents involving property damage by J1 students to rental accommodation could be the cause.

"Because of a series of issues that have arisen, the authorities that issue J1 visas seem to be bent on introducing a requirement for pre-employment for young people before they go," the Taoiseach said yesterday in the Dáil.

By his estimation, the new pre-employment requirement would mean a 60-80 percent drop in the number of Irish J1 students.

This is not the first threat to the future of the J1 programme, however.

Back in August, US Presidential candidate Donald Trump pledged to scrap the system entirely if he was elected, replacing it with a programme giving jobs to inner city youths in the US.

Following the death of five J1 students and one US citizen after a balcony collapse in Berkeley back in June, the New York Times was roundly criticised for "victim-blaming" in an opinion piece about the accident.

The paper, who later issued an apology, appeared to make links between the deaths and tales of Irish students damaging US property.

Defending the students, former Irish president Mary McAleese said the paper "rushed to judgement" on the victims "without the remotest evidence."



Things just keep getting better and better for Taylor Swift, and we’re delighted for the star!

Not only is she due to release her fifth studio album ‘1989’ in October, but Taylor has also been invited to join The Voice USA!

The Shake it Off singer will work alongside the star-studded team – Adam Levine, Gwen Stefani, Pharrell Williams and Blake Shelton – to offer support and advice to contestants in the upcoming seventh season of the NBC show.

Taylor, who performed on the fourth season of the programme, will join already announced mentors Stevie Nicks, who will work with Adam, Gavin Rossdale, who will help his wife Gwen, Little Big Town, who will work alongside Blake, and Alicia Keys, who was chosen by Pharrell to help him and his team.

Taylor said she is “delighted” with the news, and we can’t think of a better person for the job!

The next season of The Voice USA is set to hit screens on September 22nd.


This time last year, cronuts were the new food trend everyone was talking about but that needs to step aside and make room for another calorie inducing treat – the wonut!

A small café in the US has become a hit because of their ingenious decision to combine a sweet waffle and doughnut, in the most delicious and unhealthy way possible.

The wonut comes in all sorts of shapes and sizes and there is no limit when it comes to flavours.

The wonut is made with a thicker than usual waffle batter. It’s first cooked in a waffle iron, then fried and dipped in a sweet glaze.

And, like the cronut, we reckon it won’t be long until this delicious treat will be hitting our Irish shores.