All over? This could be the END of Donald Trump’s US presidential bid


The end of the road could be near for the USA's most controversial presidential hopeful, Donald Trump.

With the majority of the results in from the Iowa caucus – the electoral polls which are always taken as a strong predictor of which Republican and Democratic candidates will go forward in the bid to become the next US President – Trump has lost out to his main rival, Ted Cruz.

"In the end, Mr. Trump came closer to taking third than to winning," the New York Times notes, with Cruz taking 27.7% of votes, Trump taking 24.3% and Florida senator Marco Rubio at 23.1%.

As for the Democratic candidates, despite a celebrity-heavy campaign so far, Hillary Clinton was tied neck-and-neck with her fellow hopeful Bernie Sanders, with Hillary's eventual win decided by a coin toss.

Even with a second place victory, Trump still seems hopeful for a win, telling spectators, "[W]e finished second, and let me tell you something, I’m honoured, I’m just honoured … We’re just so happy with the way everything’s worked out."

Although the Iowa caucus is not always a watertight predictor of which candidates will go forward for presidency, it generally is a strong indicator of which ones will drop out due to lack of support.

For the moment, we're kinda hoping Trump stays in, just so we can giggle at his ridiculous campaign theme tune some more…