Donald Trump’s theme song is the SCARIEST thing you will hear today


While the thought of Donald Trump as the next leader of the free world is terrifying enough, this clip from his rally is actually the stuff of nightmares. 

The so-called Freedom Girls took to the stage at a Trump support rally in Florida on Wednesday to perform a propagranda song to a whopping 10,000 people that were in attendance. 

Yep, if you never thought the day would come when you would see three little girls in cheerleading costumes lip-sync along to a dreadful song about how wonderful a President Donald Trump would make, well we hate to break it to you but the day has well and truly arrived. 

Sample lyrics include: "Enemies of freedom, face the music! Come on boys! Take 'em down!" and "President Donald Trump knows how to make America great! Deal from strength or get crushed every time."

Even delivered in the monotonous voice of eleven-year-olds, we are suitably creeped out. 

But the crowd totally loved it, of course. 

Watch the mesmerising video below: