Are you using the right hair brush for your hair type? Bet you didn’t even know there was a right and wrong one.  Read on for the low-down on what brush would suit your tresses best:

Detangle thick hair
If your thick hair is prone to knots you will need a flat paddle brush to get through it.

Detangle wet hair
A wide set teeth comb will be your best friend.

Got curls?
Opt for a comb with two sets of wide spaced teeth. Stay clear of a brush if you’ve got natural curls; however, if you feel you need one go for a boar haired round brush.

Blow dry fine hair
You’ll need nylon bristles to avoid damaging your hair.

Detangling fine hair
You will need a workhorse brush with soft, flexible bristles to avoid wrecking the hair.

Long hair
A large paddle brush is a must and it is great for blow drying your locks straight