In Robert Sheehan’s latest film The Road Within he plays  a man with Tourettee’s Syndrome, and he’s been a big hit at an LA Film Festival because of his stellar performance.

One reviewer said: “He does an amazing job, not just with the American accent but with capturing the physical manifestations of the ailment.”

Sheehan definitely immersed himself in the role, having lived with a man with Tourette’s Syndrome for two weeks as part of his research. Sheehan explained:

“There was one guy in particular called Jackman Kramer who was a very, very sweet, lovely man who has Tourette’s Syndrome and we lived together in the Spring of 2013 for about two weeks in a house.  I had people to tell me what it is to have Tourettes Syndrome.”

Sheehan he stars alongside Lenny Kravitz’ daughter Zoe and Slumdog Millionaire’s Dev Patel. The trio tell the story of Vincent (Sheehan) who breaks out of a residential home with his friend who suffers from OCD (Patel) when his mother dies. They’re joined on their journey by an anorexia sufferer (Zoe) as they make it their mission to bring Vincent’s mum’s ashes to the ocean.