With Game of Thrones and Star Wars both filming here last year, it seems that Ireland is becoming even more popular when it comes to films and TV shows.

And now The Disney Channel wants a piece of the action. The network is currently filming a new musical TV show in Northern Ireland in hopes it will become as popular as High School Musical.

The show titled The Lodge is set in Montalto Estate in County Down but it's also setting its sights on Castlewellan and Tollymore Forest.

David Levine, director of programming for the Disney Channel in the UK and Ireland said: “Northern Ireland has a great production pool and up until now it has been mostly known for swords and dragons.

“Disney Channel is bringing songs and dancing – we have a great, talented cast who can not only act but sing and dance and we have original songs.”

“We’re investing quite a bit, and you have production, post-production, builders, sets and filming in multiple locations here.”

The Lodge will film in Co Down until this summer, with it set to air on Disney in September.