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After days of deliberation, North and South Korea have announced their intention to march under one flag at the upcoming Winter Olympics. 

The games, which will be held in PyeongChang, will begin on February 9. 

Athletes from both countries will be represented under a single flag in the opening ceremony. 

The flag features a blue silhouette of the lad mass of Korea, including the surrounding islands, on a white background. 

South Korea's Unification Ministry told CNN that they will also present a joint North and South Korean women's ice hockey team to the games this year. 

Ahead of the games, skiers from both North and South will complete their Olympic training together at a resort in North Korea. 

They will also participate in a joint cultural event, says CNN.

A small number of North Korean athletes will also compete in the Paralympics.


McDonald's has made a move in South Korea that is making the rest of the world very jealous. Yes, the fast food giant is now serving churros as part of it's value menu. 

The cinnamon sugar-covered desserts have made their debut and as you can see in the ad below, they can also double as… a conductor's baton?

We have to admit, we're feeling a little bit left out of the loop with this one and are wondering when our churro moment will happen. Hopefully it'll be soon! 


Starting this August, the government in Seoul, South Korea are allowing workers to take naps in the afternoon in order to boost productivity.

Workers can nap for an hour between 1pm and 6pm – but if they do they have to either come in an hour earlier or go home an hour later. So there IS a catch, but still – on those days when you just can’t keep your eyes open, wouldn’t this just be heaven?

The government will be investing in rest areas for employees over the year. We are SO jealous. 



The best way to earn another country’s respect is to sing in their native language as this viral video proves.

A foreign street performer certainly grabbed the attention of the local South Koreans when he performed in a train station.

Not only did he sing his heart out, he performed in the country’s native language and no doubt didn’t expect the support he received.

Even though we are not be able to understand what he is saying the songs sounds pretty good to us.

He certainly impressed the natives as can be heard from the huge cheer he got at the end!

Well done!