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Blogger Conf 2017 kicked off today, and a whole host of bloggers and industry insiders joined forces to discuss the ins and outs of building your brand.

Eimear Varian-Barry was on the impressive agenda to discuss her success on Instagram, and how she has carved out her own stand-out space on the photo sharing site. 

According to the veteran Instagrammer, there is a place on social media for everyone, and there are a few simple ways to make the most of your feed.

  • Be real

According to Eimear, people are over highly edited, curated content, and now want a more authentic experience. 

Her advice is to never edit your face, and be mindful of using obvious filters or editing techniques, although teeth whitening is the exception. 

  • Theme

Eimear admits to being very picky about her theme on her Instagram page, which has ony added to her success.

The mum takes ages to choose the right photo to upload to her feed, and always tries to use photos shot in natural light for consistency, which is key. 

  • Hashtags

Hashtags can be an amazing way to up your likes and follows if you choose them wisely.

Hashtags that are relevant to the post can massively drive engagement, so do some research about your niche and apply tags that work for that niche. 

  • Timing

According to Eimear, the new Instagram algorithm is a 'total mind feck' for bloggers and influencers, so getting the timing of a post right is essential.

Eimear advises 9pm as the best time for people to be checking their Insta feeds to potentially like your post.

We'll be spending the evening adjusting our Instas… 


While probably the majority of teens use social media nowadays, it all might change very soon.

The Huffington Post is reporting that the European Union is trying to (sneakily) pass a law that would require parental approval for teenagers under 16 to use social media.

The most recent draft of the European Data Protection Regulation sets the age at 13-years-old, which is consistent with laws all around the world.

However, the EU policymakers are getting set to vote to change the age to 16-years-old within the next 48 hours. Eek!

But, The Huffington Post also points out that this could have disastrous consequences, as social media is used as a help-line for many young teens. 

"My friends in the suicide prevention and mental health communities tell me that social media, along with texting, is very often the way that teens reach out when they are in crisis.

"Social media services are frequently used by younger teens to seek help or just let others know about their distress.

"I have heard of numerous cases where suicides have been prevented as a result of teens reaching out, along with even more cases of teens seeking or getting help when dealing with such things as physical abuse, sexual harassment, bullying and self-harm."

Which side is going to win? And which side do you think should win?