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As a woman who frequents bars and clubs on the regular, you may have encountered a few men who seem to think they are entitled to female attention once they get a few drinks into them.

It's bad enough putting up with it as a customer, so imagine the amount of unwanted sexual attention female bar staff could be getting? 

One bar has seen this issue unfolding in their tavern, and have created some singage to combat the matter. 

The Beer Cellar in Exeter has put together a pretty clever way to demonstrate that the female bar staff are in fact not mad for the customers, despite what they may think after a few too many, and have come up with a handy pie chart to prove this.

 A bartender at the Beer Cellar told Mashable that they put up the sign after a 'very sex-pest heavy' weekend.

'People really laugh, people support it' she said.

'One per cent think it’s a bit offensive, which is funny to me because those are the people it’s aimed at.'

'This is definitely our favourite sign in the bar,' reads the caption on the now viral Twitter post of the sign. 

'Also if dudes could stop trying to kiss our female bartender's hands, that would be great.'



If you think Ireland is cold at this time of the year, then you've never been to Finland.

The average temperature between December and February is is -4 degrees and November marks the beginning of snow season, which for most, is not ideal weather.

And Helsinki Airport has copped onto that fact this year.

Just as you enter, there's a massive sign that reads: "Nobody in their right mind would come to Helsinki in November.

"Except you, you badass. Welcome."

The Internet has absolutely fallen in love with the sign and many have taken to social media to praise it after it was posted on Imgur last night:



A sign put up in the window of a New York bar and restaurant seems to have sparked a big reaction! 

The sign in the window of 'The Dock Bar and Gill' in Montauk reads, “No to Yapping Mutts, Irish Drunks, Screaming Kids, Cells Phones, Strollers and Public Restrooms.”

Pauline Turley, originally from Co. Down in Northern Ireland, noticed the sign and told Irishcentral.com, “I was taken aback by the way that kind of stereotype was so blatantly displayed. ‘No Irish Drunks,’ that’s very pointed.”

The bar’s owner, George Watson said the sign is okay because he is of Irish decent and is “also a drunk at times”.

“There’s a large Irish contingent out here and once they attacked me – verbally – so we added ‘No Irish Drunks’ to the list. If you spoke about any other religion or race they would probably take offense to it, but the Irish have a sense of humour,” said George.

Pauline admits most Irish would probably see the funny side of this, but suggests maybe that isn’t a good thing.

She said, “Why would you put up a sign like that knowing no one else would tolerate it? There’s that line ‘God invented drink so the Irish wouldn’t take over the world,’ and we do laugh at, but I think there are very serious undertones that we as Irish people need to think about and say ‘Hold on a minute, is that how we want to be seen?"

“I love Irish bars and hospitality; they’re the best in the world. I love to socialize and tell stories and have a good glass, but we have to remind people that there’s a lot more to the Irish than their perceived ability to drink," she said.

What do you think – offensive, or all in good humour?