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Every week we all fall into the pit-hole of having pretty much little-to-no food in the house – and then having a BIG craving for a chipper or Chinese. 

Do not cave in!

Here, SHEmazing! has simple – yet mouth-watering – dishes for you to try at home.

From a caramelised onion tart to sautéed shrimp, something (or everything) here will take your fancy.


Monday: Croque madames with tomato and rosemary ham

The croque madame is the most beautiful lady you will ever meet. Full of hearty goodness and ready in less than half an hour, this meal will certainly set you up for the week. 


Tuesday: Caramelised onion tart with goats cheese and thyme

This super fancy tart is also super easy to make. Serve it warm or at room temperature to get a delicious crisp off the pastry. Bonus points for being in the oven for only ten minutes!


Wednesday: Prosciutto-wrapped chicken breasts with broccoli rabe pesto

We all know wrapping prosciutto around chicken is NEVER a bad idea, but teaming it with broccoli rabe pesto and some fresh lemons will certainly have your taste buds tingling


Thursday: Sautéed shrimp with lemon-parsley spread and couscous

A lemony, buttery herb spread is the perfect partner for shrimp. Couscous and green beans add a burst of freshness to the dish, all the while taking only 25 minutes from start to finish.


Friday: Beef and broccoli with red peppers

The typical take-out order has nothing on the homemade version. Succulent and juicy, this meal is perfect for a Friday night feast with friends. 


With miserable weather setting in, there's no doubt that you want to sit in with your girlfriends for a cosy night of fun.

Going to a night club means you have to dress up, put on tan and make up AND style your hair. #Effort.

All of it will go down the drain anyway while you wait 20 minutes to queue for Coppers.

So if you're having a girls night in, we have some scrumptious party food ideas that will have your friend's mouths watering.

We warned you!

Fancy Mini Potato Skins

This delicious treat is perfect comfort food for you and your BFFs. Loaded with your favourite toppings, the girls will keep wanting more!


Bacon Wrapped Jalapeno Poppers

To add a bit of spice to your night, why not try these bacon wrapped poppers. Full of crunchy, hot goodness, it's the perfect snack for movie time. Not to mention they will definitely warm you up from the cold weather outside!


Marinated Cocktail Shrimp

If you fancy a boozy little snack to keep your night going, try this recipe. Packed full of flavour, it will really give your friends that punch to keep them going all night long.


Party Salad Boat

If you are after something a little bit healthier, these party salad boats are perfect. Full of flavour but light enough that you can snack away all night. You can even change up the recipe to suit your friends, or have individual bowls so they can make the boats up themselves!


Mozzarella Sticks

We know what you're thinking, you've either tried the frozen kind or the McDonald's kind, and they weren't all that great. Don't be put off! With this simple homemade recipe, your taste buds will be watering all night long. Remember to buy quality mozzarella though, to make them that little bit more special.