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Does anyone remember when Kris Jenner bought her whole family scooters so they could all have a scooter day back in 2013?

Yeah, no one in the Kardashian clan seemed remotely impressed by them, but now Kris's son-in-law Kanye has splashed 20 grand on scooters – and honestly, they're SO weird-looking.

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According to TMZ, Yeesuz bought 12 URB-Es which are foldable, motorised scooters, that can travel up to 25k/h… oh, and they're €1630 each – without all the fancy bits and bobs.

Kanye decked them out all in black carbon and accessorised them with leather handle straps, a mobile phone mount and the scooters can ever charge your phone or tablet.

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Nice Christmas present 'Ye… but will anyone actually use them?


James Corden might be best known for his karaoke skills, but last night the comedian proved he also knows his way around a race track as he competed with former Friends star, Matt LeBlanc, in the “Bottom Gear” challenge.

With lilac children’s scooters as their vehicles of choice, the two TV personalities went toe-to-toe as they raced over bumps, through walls and around the Late Late Show studio with comical results.

In the end LeBlanc’s Top Gear experience gave him the edge as he bet the show’s host back to the finish line.

Ladies, check this one out!