‘Give it away now!’ Red Hot Chili Peppers NAILED Carpool Karaoke

Every single time we think Carpool Karaoke can't possibly get any better, James Corden goes and pulls it right out of the bag, doesn't he?

After snagging the Red Hot Chili Peppers for The Late Late Show's hugely popular music segment, James and the lads cruised LA while belting out the band's biggest hits…as well as some lesser known, much more questionable ones.

Between demanding to know what the lads meant by specific lyrics – 'What have you got that you're going to give to my mum?' – to revealing he loves a good man wrestle, James is clearly pumped that he's getting to shoot the breeze with one of the industry's biggest acts.

Proving the excitement may have gotten too much for him, James even strips off while rocking The Zephyr Song, and frankly we're all over it.

Chili fans, you need to prepare yourself for this one because it's as epic as you'd expect.