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Sam Smith has not been shy about his very dramatic weight loss. The Grammy award winner lost over a stone in two weeks several months ago. His new healthy lifestyle is something that he regularly updates his fans on with the help of social media.

With the help of celebrity nutritionist Amelia Freer, Sam has changed his lifestyle entirely. Outside of his new diet he also make regular gym sessions a priority.


GQ awards 2015

A photo posted by Sam Smith (@samsmithworld) on

The singer had revealed his new slimmed down appearance and healthy habits just two months after radio host Howard Stern made some cruel comments about his appearance.

Sam took to Twitter shortly after to say that he was choosing to ignore the nasty remarks made at the time.

However, despite his positive mentality towards his healthy lifestyle, Sam apparently finds that it is not always easy to stick to such a strict routine.


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''It's really difficult. The other night I ordered room service and there was so much food,” the Sun writes.

''It's a struggle every day and there are McDonald's everywhere. Every time I see one I want to munch down on a McMuffin.''

He also said he sometimes even dreams of tuna melts: 'I went to bed last night dreaming of tuna melts. I love food. My relationship with food has just completely changed."


Gym is kicking my ass today

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"I thought there was going to be this magic remedy where you lose weight and be skinny for ever. But you have to work,” he added.

The 23-year old said that during the process of recording and promoting his album In the Lonely Hour, he saw himself gaining weight and knew he had to do something about it:

''When someone calls you gay, there's not much you can do about that because I am. Whereas, if someone calls you fat, there is something you can do about that.''



Sam Smith has announced that he will sing the theme for the new Bond film, Spectre.

The Grammy winner had teased at his involvement with the film over the weekend over social media (in the middle of his Electric Picnic preparations we presume) and now it has been confirmed that Sam will be singing Writing’s On The Wall.

The track was co-written with Jimmy Napes, with whom Sam has collaborated with previously on Stay With Me and Naughty Boy’s La La La.

On Instagram the singer wrote: “This is one of the highlights of my career. I am honoured to finally announce that I will be singing the next Bond theme song.”

Sprectre will be the twenty fourth Bond film to be released in Ireland on 26 October. Sam’s single, released by Capitol Records, will debut and be available to stream on 25 September.


A photo posted by Sam Smith (@samsmithworld) on

Writing’s On The Wall will be the first time a Bond theme song has been recorded by a male solo artist since 1965. Speaking about the announcement the producers of Spectre, Michael G. Wilson and Barbara Broccoli said:

“Sam and Jimmy have written the most inspirational song for Spectre and with Sam’s extraordinary vocal performance, Writing’s On The Wall will surely be considered one of the greatest Bond songs of all time.”

The previous Bond themes have made for some of the most memorable film music of all time. The last theme, Skyfall, was performed by Adele and went on to win a number of awards. These included the Academy Award and Golden Globe Award for Best Original Song.

Sam told Radio 1 DJ Nick Grimshaw he was relieved to finally be able to talk about the project, saying it “has been the top secret mission of my life.”

“I got called into the office with Barbara Broccoli and Sam Mendes and they gave me the script, I read the script. They said ‘have a go at the song’.”

We can’t wait to hear this!



Hozier is never one to let us down when he takes to the Live Lounge studio.

Apparently we aren’t the only ones who think so because aside from his Grammy nomination and impressive sales figures, he has also gotten some serious flattery from fellow singer-songwriter Sam Smith.

Known for putting his own unique spin on some well-known tunes whenever he visits the BBC studios, Hozier blew everyone away with his Lay Me Down cover.

Just as we’re recovering from that incredible music moment, excitement is quickly reaching peak levels again at the thoughts of a collaboration between two of our favourite artists.

Sam himself took to twitter to congratulate Hozier on his performance saying he loved the cover, and pretty much anything else Hozier sings.

We feel the same way Sam.

Hozier was only delighted with himself and responded by saying it was “an absolute joy” to cover one of Sam’s tracks.

There’s an awful lot of love being shared between these two mutual fans.

This sounds like it might be the perfect excuse to get together and start making some music as a duo. We can live in hope right? The world may not yet be ready for such musical magic.



The price of fame often means that some of our favourite celebrities face less than pleasant attention from many anonymous sources online.

Grammy winner Sam Smith however, is not letting his bullies get away with their taunts.

The critically acclaimed singer has discussed openly his failed relationships and his struggles with his sexuality. Earlier today he took a screen shot of an anti-Sam Smith Instagram account and shared it with his followers.

The idea being to draw attention to how prevalent homophobia is and how he has learned to not let it bother him.

He tweeted a link to the account, which had the username Gay Sam Smith. The account had posted countless gay slurs and one very offensive poem.


A photo posted by Sam Smith (@samsmithworld) on

The 23-year old explained:

"This genuinely doesn't offend me, coz I'm way too thick skinned when it comes to this kind of sh**. BUT I just wanted to share this with everyone, so you can see how homophobia is still SO PRESENT in our society!!"

Previously Sam has said he finds it easier to deal with anti-gay slurs than he did with comments on his weight in the past.

He told Australia’s 60 Minutes: “"I think just because I've accepted that, if someone calls me a f—-t, it's like, I am gay and I'm proud to be gay so there's no issues there. If something calls you fat, that's something I want to change."

Many of his fans took to social media to praise him for how he handled the online abuse and casting light on the homophobia many still deal with on a daily basis.



Sam Smith may be a Grammy award winner, but apparently that doesn’t mean complete worldwide recognition like people thought it did.

The Stay with Me singer was visiting Colorado during the week when he came across a local news station holding an interview.The 23-year old was at Red Rocks Amphitheater in Denver. He is currently performing in the U.S following his successful recovery from surgery. 

Finally, we have some real proof that what when it comes to acting a bit of an eejit whenever a news crew appears, celebrities just can’t help themselves either.


Photobombing the news 

A photo posted by Sam Smith (@samsmithworld) on

Except, obviously Sam is far cooler us than the rest of us non-Grammy winners and is perfectly capable of acting coy and uninhibited on camera.

You can tell quiet clearly from these hilarious GIFs, courtesy of Buzzfeed, that Sam clearly had less than innocent intentions when he stumbled across this prime photo-bomb opportunity.

He indulged in the fan favourite bunny ears.

Oh but then. Then he went all out flawless with this glorious wind machine inspired moment.

The two interviewees were less than impressed though.

Which is ridiculous because Sam is amazing, just look this pose. He nailed it.




A little over a year ago, Sam Smith was almost unheard of.

Things have certainly changed for the sing-songwriter as of late. Not only has he just announced that after a period of time off from music due to a vocal cord surgery, he also had some other major news.

Sam is going to be starring in a major high fashion ad campaign. The 23-year old announced on Twitter that he is going to star in Balenciaga’s upcoming 2015 men’s ads. We are very excited.

He also teased a project ‘#balxsamsmith’. Now that is a collaboration we can get behind completely.

The previews which Sam shared yesterday show him as backlit in a very dungeon-type looking dark basement. A little out there, but this is fashion after all, if it doesn’t raise eyebrows it won’t impress.

This past year has been a bit of a whirlwind for Sam. In addition to cleaning up at the Grammy awards and taking home four trophies, he went through a massive physical change too.

Sam documented his impressive weight-loss on his Instagram page, and his hard work certainly paid off. After losing three stone overall, he credits the author of Eat Nourish Glow for “changing his life”.

Just days ago the singer announced on Instagram that he was back to full health and would be returning to live performances very soon. The 23-year old shared an update with his fans and is supposed to return to live shows in Kentucky this Friday. 

We’re so happy that Sam is back to full health and we’re very excited to see what his latest fashion venture will bring into our lives. Watch this space! 



Things got a little confusing on Sam Smith's Instagram last night when the singer posted a picture that seemed very out of character indeed.

Many fans believed the singer may have been hacked when he unexpectedly shared a very raunchy photo, but as the image remains on his page this morning, it appears the post was totally intentional.

The photo, showing a naked woman pressed up against a shower door, was simply captioned with a smiley face emoji. Here it is blurred out:

Sam came out as gay in May 2014, and last night fans were quick to assume the singer had not posted the photo himself. "I'm so confused," wrote one, with another adding, "Pretty sure he has been hacked." Perhaps he was just admiring the view…

The singer is not the first person to spark controversy with an NSFW Instagram post this week. Designer Marc Jacobs was left red-faced on Tuesday night when he accidentally shared a private picture on his public timeline, showing the world what he looks like naked:

As for Sam, while it's still unclear whether or not he intended to post last night's picture, the sexy snap already has 88,000 likes… not bad at all.


If you were wondering how Sam Smith, James Corden and Boy George achieved such dramatic weight losses, we have the answer for you.

S! TV went to Brown Thomas to meet Amelia Freer, author of ‘Eat. Nourish. Glow’ and celebrity nutritionist.

Amelia gave us some great tips on how to maintain a healthy lifestyle – and how to lose weight in the process. 


Sam Smith has been working extremely hard for the past few months to overhaul his image, and it’s definitely paying off.

At the Hyde Park BST Festival at the weekend, the singer showed off his new look and we think he looks amazing!

The 24-year-old was photographed hanging out backstage with Nile Rodgers of Chic at the festival and he was also joined by Cara Delavigne and her sisters.

He showed off his new bod in black skinny jeans and a matching shirt with a rain coat to finish off the look.

His past few months of hard work has consisted of a new fitness regime and a strict diet. He embarked on a journey to become healthier and skinnier with nutritionist Amelia Freer.

Sam has lost three stone overall and thanked Amelia Freer, the author of bestseller Eat Nourish Glow, for “changing his life”


Breakfast in the new garden #eatnourishglow

A photo posted by Sam Smith (@samsmithworld) on

He has followed a strict diet as laid out by Amelia and regularly posts pictures of food on Instagram using the #eatnourishglow hashtag.

Amelia is has quickly become one of the most well-known nutritionists and has also helped James Cordon and Boy George shed the pounds.

Some of Amelia’s main rules for her clients include:

  • No breakfast cereals
  • No biscuits, cakes, sweets
  • Alcohol in moderation
  • No more than two cups of coffee a day
  • Prepare your food from scratch

These tips may seem difficult to include in a busy lifestyle, but they clearly pay off if Sam is anything to go by.



Electric Picnic 2015 has sold out.

That's right, it has sold out with three months still to go before the festival.

Speedy fans have snapped up approximately 35,000 tickets for the music and arts festival that takes place in Stradbally, this September.

Headlining the show this year is Blur, Florence and the Machine, Sam Smith, and The War on Drugs, with loads more performances.

It certainly seems as if the recession is turning into somewhat of a distant memory, as it was only two years ago that Electric Picnic sold out for the first time since the financial crisis hit.

While the weekend, Sunday day, campervans, family weekend, and family campervan tickets are all sold out, there are a limited number of VIP tickets still available through Pink Moon camping.

With a stellar line up and a sold out crowd, Electric Picnic 2015 is shaping up to be one of the best yet. 


Great news for Sam Smith and his fans today, as the singer has revealed his vocal chords are almost healed after a worrying period of ill health.

The Stay With Me hitmaker took to Instagram earlier today to share the brilliant news, in what has to be the best Disney reference of all time. 

Posting a picture of The Little Mermaid scene in which Ariel gets her voice back, Sam wrote, "I CAN SPEAK AGAIN!!!!"



A photo posted by Sam Smith (@samsmithworld) on

Last month, the 22-year-old was forced to bow out of his Australian tour and take a period of extreme rest after doctors decided he needed surgery for a vocal chord haemorrhage.

Writing to fans via Instagram at the time, Sam said he had to take the surgery or accept some serious long-term consequences to his health.

"The doctors have told me I need to fully rest until my vocal chords have healed, otherwise this could become a huge long-term issue," he wrote.  "I am deeply, deeply saddened to tell my Australian fans, I have to cancel my Australian tour… This kills me."

Keeping with the Disney theme, Sam shared yet another Little Mermaid picture three weeks back, this time of Ariel losing her voice, to let fans know he was headed into the operating room.


About to have operation. This is me today…

A photo posted by Sam Smith (@samsmithworld) on

Now though, the Grammy winner is back on track and has even been able to schedule his Australian dates for bigger venues than before.

"AUSTRALIA. From all the bad news has come some good news!! Not only am I coming back to make up for the cancelled shows but I get to play bloody arenas!!!!" the singer wrote today. "So excited to sing for all of you and apologise personally for my bleeding throat xxxx"

The happy news comes just days after Sam's career reached an unprecedented new milestone. Over the weekend it was revealed that the English star had become the first act since The Beatles to spend almost a year in the top five chart with his debut album, In The Lonely Hour.

The singer said he was "insanely happy" and "so thankful" to hear the news.

What a week it's been for him!



It’s fair to say that it has been a pretty amazing year for Sam Smith. Despite his recent hospital stint over a vocal cord haemorrhage, his career appears to be going from strength to strength.

And this weekend, the Stay With Me singer is celebrating an incredible achievement – he is the first act since The Beatles to spend almost a year in the top five chart with his debut album.

The news was shared by the Official Charts Company, which stated that The Lonely Hour has already logged 50 weeks in the top five of the album chart. This is only topped by The Beatles and their LP Please Please Me, which remained in the top five for 51 weeks.

Commenting on this amazing achievement, an overwhelmed Sam said: “Seeing this statistic genuinely makes me feel very weird, but also insanely happy and just so thankful to everyone who has purchased the album. Not so lonely anymore.”

Aw, Sam, way to make us emotional!

No doubt this has given the star a major boost after what has been a difficult month. After suffering a vocal haemorrhage, he was forced to cancel a string of shows in order to undergo surgery. He has assured fans, however, that he is now on the mend.

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