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Irish people first fell in love with the ferociously talented Ruth Negga back in 2010 when she appeared as Rosie in RTÉ's hit crime drama, Love/Hate.

Since then, the Ethiopian born, Limerick-raised actress has been busy making quite the name for herself in Hollywood.

After a handful of movie roles and a stint on ABC's Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D, Ruth struck gold last year with her Oscar-nominated performance in the critically acclaimed Loving.

Following the film's success, movie fans around the world began to fall for the 35-year-old's Irish charm, and now it looks like she has cemented her status as a bona fide Hollywood starlet.

It's been reported that Ruth will star alongside Brad Pitt in the upcoming sci-fi adventure flick, Ad Astra.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the script follows a man who journeys across a lawless solar system in search of his missing father, a renegade scientist who poses a threat to all mankind.

It is not yet known what role the Irish-Ethiopian actress will have in the film, though reports have suggested that Tommy Lee Jones is also attached to the project.

Either way, we're beyond excited! 


Where's Samuel L Jackson when you need him?

Remember when Kate Thornton attempted to justify her reason for calling Colin Farrell 'British' due to Ireland's proximity to the UK, and Samuel L Jackson wasted no time calling her out on it?

Well, for those of you who don't quite recall, the Hollywood A-lister, during a conversation with the British presenter, in recent years explained the problematic nature of her remark.

"You see that's your problem right there. You British keep claiming people that don't belong to you. We had that problem in America too — it was called slavery," he deadpanned.

However, it looks like Samuel's remarks may have fallen on deaf ears as we have yet another media outlet in the UK more than happy to claim one of our biggest and brightest as their own.

In the latest issue of the Mail on Sunday's You magazine, Ruth Negga was described as British despite being of Irish-Ethopian heritage.

Highlighting the work of LA stylist Karla Welch in a piece entitled Meet the SUPER STYLIST superstars – and the fashion icons they've created, Amy E Williams became yet another journalist who decided that an actor's Irish heritage was subject to change.

"This year, LA-based Karla was named Hollywood’s most powerful stylist, not least for catapulting British star Ruth Negga into the sartorial stratosphere," Amy wrote.

Having been born in Ethopia and raised in Limerick since the age of four, Ruth has often spoken of her Irish-Ethopian heritage, but it doesn't look like the memo reached Amy.


An Irish coffee is one of the cosiest drinks ever.

When you imagine an Irish coffee, you imagine cuddling up by a big open fire, with the drink in hand and old-school Maroon 5 playing in the background. Bliss.

Well, Oscar-nominated actress Ruth Negga has her own Irish coffee recipe, and we have to say, it's right up our street.

As part of her Oscar special for Vanity Fair, the Best Actress nominee was asked to show off her special talent – and of course, that was making a boozy drink.

We have to say, she did put a good bit of whiskey into the drink, but we're not complaining.

We might just steal the recipe off her.



Ruth Negga is the epitome of amazing Irish talent, and the actress has just been bestowed with one of the most prestigious nominations in the thespian world.

The Irish-Ethopian star has been nominated for Best Actress for her role in film Loving.

The Limerick native stars as the films heroine, in the story of an interracial couple who break the law by getting married in 1960s Virginia.


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The actress is up against some tough competition in her category. 

Natalie Portman, for her role in Jackie, Emma Stone, for La La Land and Meryl Streep for Florence Foster Jenkins were also nominated.

The awards take place at Los Angeles’ Dolby Theatre on February 26th, 2017.

Fingers crossed Ruth takes home the Oscar!



When it comes to magazine covers, it doesn't get much bigger than Vogue, so we are seriously pumped for Irish actress, Ruth Negga, who is gracing the cover of the American edition this January.

Ruth, whose credits include Breakfast on Pluto, Love/Hate and Misfits, has seen her career go from strength to strength over the course of the past decade, and now looks set to take home an Oscar for her role in Loving.

Chatting with the iconic publication, the 35-year-old actress proves she's as down-to-earth as you might expect, calling herself 'a rag of a woman' after realising her nail polish was chipped and her bronzer unblended.

The actress, who has been in a relationship with fellow actor Dominic Cooper for seven years, also acknowledged the longevity of their union, laughing: "What's that in… actor years? Forty-nine million!”

Social media users have wasted no time celebrating Ruth's appearance on the cover after the publication shared a preview of her shoot on Instagram.

"Thank you for the diversity," wrote one while another remarked: "Love seeing this Irish girl do so well, she's fabulous."

"This is everything," said another while a fellow follower added: "I absolutely love this woman. Great interiew."

G'wan, Ruth!