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The hilarious Betty White was making an appearance on James Corden’s, The Late Late Show and, ever the joker, decided to prank-call the host before her arrival.

A bewildered James Corden politely obliges the comedy legend as she makes some outrageous diva-esque requests.

Oh yes – ranging from demanding a change in dressing room colour to supplying just one flavour of M&Ms (yellow), the 93-year-old sure knows how to act the prima donna.

With his comedy background it’s a wonder the 36-year-old Londoner didn’t realise that it was a prank sooner. Although, with some celebrities' reputations, he can probably never be too sure.

Watch the hilarious clip where a secret camera captures James’ flabbergasted reaction. 




Have you ever wondered what might happen if you pranked one Dominos Pizza with another Dominos Pizza? Wonder no more, watch this hilarious video to find out! The guys trying not to laugh is pretty great too!