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There are some things that are uniquely Irish; Tayto crisps, a cuppa tea, our gas mammies, and of course, our signs.

Signs are a weird one, we know, but we're a dab hand at making a poster, and this was totally proved at this year's Euros.

But, even when it comes to serious things, we just can't help but take the mick out of it.

A new poster has gone up outside Body & Soul Festival, where preparations for this weekend are well underway.

The man or woman who is supplying the fences to the festival decided that enough was enough, and they weren't going to have anymore broken fences heading back their way when the weekend's over.

So, instead of putting up something generic such as, "DON'T BREAK FENCE," they put up:


Ah, we love this country.


If you're in Galway at the moment, you're going to see some very unusual election posters – and very unusual faces on said election posters.

Each poster was shared on Twitter by GoVote – a group encouraging people to go out and vote on Friday, while also having a bit of craic.

So, if Daniel O Donnell, Conor McGregor or Barney The Dinosaur takes your fancy, here's the promises they're making: 

Liam Neeson is totally our fave.  



Fine Geal TD Alan Shatter believes his campaign posters are “being sabotaged”, because apparently, cable ties are being cut on them so they fall down or are blown away by the wind.

It is claimed that a campaign poster was retrieved from the garden of one of Alan's team members and they said it is clear the ties were cut, as holes were not torn into the picture.

Mr Shatter said that it is “unfortunate that at least one if not more of my political opponents have no respect for democracy and appear intent on sabotaging my election campaign”.

"I believe we should never give in to bullies or prejudice," he added. Sorry about your posters, Alan!