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Buying for your mum can be one of the most impossible tasks. EVER. And if yoursneaky siblings have already beaten you in the present section, it's time to have all hands on deck. 

Your mum is the best person on earth (she raised you, after all), so she deserves a great gift.

These thoughtful presents will certainly WOW her, so get ready for the Best Child of the Year Award: 

1. For the time keeper

This watch will be as iconic as the woman herself. Super stylish and unique, you'll get major brownie points for this one.

Swatch Tutto Pello watch, €105

Available at Arnotts or Swatch



2. For the wine lover

Christmas is stressful for every mother, so why not let her kick back and relax. Wine and chocolate, what more could a woman want? And here's a discount code to get your fab pressie for even less: XMAS015

White wine and chocolate gift bag, €22

Available at Hampers & Co



3. For the nostalgic mum

If your mother has photos of you plastered around the house, then this could be the perfect present. A cute cushion with the two of you on it will definitely melt her heart. 

PhotoBox cushion, €33.99

Available at PhotoBox



4. For the house proud mum

If your mum loves getting the house ready for Christmas, then she will LOVE this. A 2015 collectible, it'll be the shining on the tree all Christmas long and it's sure to get compliments from all of your mothers friends. Score.

Christmas collectible 2015 bauble, €30

Available at Newbridge Silverware



5. For the pamper-loving mother

Therapie has released a full range of gift sets, which will make for the perfect gift if your mam loves to pamper herself. She might even share a little bit with you (hopefully)!

Eve Lom classic gift set, €75

Available at Therapie



6. For the cook

If your mum is into old-school cooking, then she will adore this. It's a collection of classic recipes that we're sure your mother had back in the day. She might even introduce a few to you.

All in the Cooking, €16.99

Available at O'Briens


7. For the chocolate lover

The brown leather hat box is full to the brim with a selection of the finest Godiva chocolate gifts. However, you can but it like this, or create a bespoke hamper yourself… then what you spend is up to you! 

Out-of-the-box Christmas hamper, £155

Available at Godiva Chocolates


Secret Santa gifts can be super hard to nail sometimes, especially when there's a cap on the price. 

You want something that's thoughtful but also something that they will use and not throw away after one use. And you also want to make them happy and jump for joy, yes? 

So, to help you along the way, we've found some fab gifts to get your friends/co-workers/family for Secret Santa: 

1. For the pug lover

Most people are bound to love animals, and what better gift than a pug mug! It's super cute and will be the best mug you've ever seen in the house or office.

Biba's Pug Mug, €8

Available at House of Fraser



2. For the one with a sweet tooth

If you have a friend who just loves old-school sweets, they will be delighted with this! And to be honest, you can't get much better than a hamper full of delicious candy.

Retro Sweet Gift Box, €13.50

Available at Hampers & Co. 


3. For the soon-to-be bride

If your Secret Santa is planning a wedding in the next year, this is the perfect gift. It's the only up-to-date guide if you're getting married in Ireland. Handy!

The Irish Bride's Survival Guide, €14.99

Available at O'Briens



4. For the special friend

If you want to get your Secret Santa something they won't expect, opt for this glistening snowflake decoration. It's sure to make an impact on their Christmas tree.

Snowflake hanging decor, €11

Available at Newbridge Silverware



5. For the make-up addict

If you have to get a pressie for a beauty lover, then look no further. This nail polish is not only super chic but it will carry their nails through the festive season and into New Year's. Who doesn't love some glitter anyway?

Lancome Vernis Christmas, €15

Available at House of Fraser



6. For the nostalgic friend

If you have a friend who loves selfies and adores looking back at old photos, then this personalised mug is the way to go. Either a goofy secondary school photo or a glam girls night selfie is the perfect picture for the mug shot. 

Personalised cup, from €7

Available at PhotoBox



7. For the beauty queen

Nivea is releasing a whole range of gift sets and we think this one is top notch. It will please anyone who takes care of their skin and who loves a good soak in the shower. 

Skin Gorgeousness, €12.50

Available at Nivea



This Sunday is Father's Day, and while it might seem like a bit of a Hallmark holiday, at the end of the day it's a great reminder to thank your dad for everything he's done for you.

From changing nappies and teaching us to walk, ferrying us to and from teen discos and getting choked up on our Debs night, Irish dads have a tough life.

A new survey carried out by PhotoBox, the print company with a twist, asked 333 Irish adults about the relationship they share with their dad and the things they appreciate most. Here are just a few of the reasons we love our old man…

1. He gives the best, most straight-up honest advice you will ever receive
19% of people love their dad for his no-bullsh*t take on life.


2. He has the ability to fix ANYTHING that's broken. And we mean anything.
Chairs, iPhones, sunglasses… you name it. Over a third of people say they rely on their dad to fix things around the house.


3. He has no qualms about shamelessly embarrassing himself just to wind you up
"DAAAAD! STOPPPPP!" 34% of those surveyed cringed at the thought of their dad making a fool of them in front of their pals. 


4. Enthusiastic dancing is his forte
Especially if power ballads are involved. In fact, 18% of people say they were left morto by their dads dancing in public.


5. If you ask nicely enough, he'll always relent and give you a lift
Thanks, live-in chauffeur… we mean, Dad.


6. Ditto a cheeky tenner when you're absolutely stoney broke
Yessss, you can finally buy something other than beans for dinner. 


7. He's your number one fan… always
"You were the STAR of the play, love, they couldn't keep their eyes off you!" – Your dad, in reference to your appearance as a donkey at the Nativity play in 1995


8. He'll go to the moon and back for you
71% say their Dad is the person in their life that goes above and beyond to help them.

Make sure you let your dad know how much he means to you this Father's Day.