Amy Schumer reveals true feelings for Kimye after THAT dive


Having thrown herself at the feet of the world-famous Kimye in April, Amy Schumer took to Graham Norton's famous sofa this weekend to explain exactly what went down on that fateful night.

Revealing why she felt compelled to hurl herself in front of the couple at the Time 100 Gala, Amy said: "You know when you're doing interviews and the person sees someone more important behind you? Which is always for me…It was Kim and Kanye"

So when reporters apparently lost interest in the lovely Amy on the arrival of North's uber cool parents, the Inside Amy Schumer star decided to just go for it and nose dived in front of the star couple.

If that amazing stunt wasn't enough to fall in love with the irrepressible Amy, the 34-year-old actress admitted she did what any normal gal would do when faced with a world-famous star who she almost snotted in front of the world's media: she gushed.

In fact, if her reenactment on Friday's episode of The Graham Norton Show is anything to go by, she gushed like she never gushed before.

Actually wait, we'll let Amy fill you in!