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Beauty pageants such as Miss Universe attract a hell of a lot of negative attention daily, especially since Donald Trump owns one. Anything he owns usually turns to ash, TBF.

From those who feel it's concepts are totally outdated for the modern world, to those expressing concern over how problematic the notion of 'swimsuit bodies' is, pageants are often in the spotlight for scandals.

Once again, pageants are in the media after Miss USA, Sarah Rose Summers, was filmed mocking foreign beauty queens and even IMITATING THEIR ACCENTS at the Miss Universe competition.

Can you believe?


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This is beyond clueless. 

The sexism surrounding the pageants is bad enough, without the racism added to the pile of problems. Summers can be heard saying;

"Miss Cambodia is here and doesn’t speak any English, and not a single other person speaks her language. Could you imagine?"


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Summers then went on to mock yet another contestant, Miss Vietnam, saying:

"She’s so cute and she pretends to know so much English."

Not only did she mock her for her lack of English (as if Summers knows anything about being bilingual), she then made fun of how Miss Vietnam spoke.


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Summers has since posted an apology after the internet went absolutely mad at her, understandably.

She wrote:

"In a moment where I intended to admire the courage of a few of my sisters, I said something that I now realise can be perceived as not respectful, and I apologise."

I mean, why did she say 'can be perceived' as disrespectful? It's straight up normalised racism, gal.

Own up to it, and check yourself, Regina George. *sigh*



Miss America has something of a stereotypical reputation for being a beauty contest. 

However, since Gretchen Carlson took over the  board for the organisation, it has been hoped that she will take the competition in a more respectful and serious direction. 

Ms Carlson was the Miss America winner in 1989, and is a vocal activist for women's rights. 

She announced this week that the first step to bringing the competition up to date will be to get rid of their swimsuit section.


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'We are no longer a pageant, we are a competition,' she told Good Morning America. 

'We will no longer judge our candidates on their outward physical appearance, and that means that we will no longer have a swimsuit competition and that is official.'

'We will no longer be judging women when they come out in their chosen attire. Whatever they chose to do, it will be what comes out of their mouth that we're interested in.'

Speaking on what women will be represented in the contest, she continued: 

'We are interested in what makes you, you.'

'At the end of the day, we hand out scholarships to these women, we want more women to know that they are welcome in this organisation.'

However, not all viewers of Miss America were thrilled with the change. 

'Miss America can be intelligent, healthy and beautiful, so why are we so ashamed in celebrating the beauty as a society nowadays?' commented one fan. 'Now its setting a bad example to women that they can only be one. Be proud of your beauty and healthy body and intelligence, we can do it all . Not a fan of this change it goes against women empowerment.'

'Bye bye ratings. Another example of "political correctness" making things worse not better,' said another. 

Others supported the change, commenting: 'Today ushers in a new era… where women don't need to wear their swimsuits on television to be recognised as leaders, as philanthropists, as role models.'

Others are accusing the move as being reactionary to the email scandal which rocked the pageant last December. 

At the time, it was discovered that the former chief executive Sam Haskell had made misogynistic comments about former winners.


Mikayla Holmgren made history on Sunday night when she became the first ever woman with Down syndrome to compete in the Miss Minnesota USA pageant.

The 22-year-old, from Stillwater, Minnesota, received a standing ovation when she took to the stage at the Ames Center in Burnsville, where she took home the wards for the Spirit of Miss USA and the Director's Award.

Denise Wallace Heitkamp,executive state director, told Mikayla as she presented the award: “You make people smile every time you talk, cheer, smile, and dance. You exude the spirit of Miss USA by always being true to yourself and putting others first.”

“You have selflessness, humility, and the ability to overcome obstacles with a smile on your face and excitement in your heart.”

Mikayla has never been one to shy away from the spotlight. Having entered into the world of performing arts and the tender age of six, she quickly developed a passion for dancing.

In 2015, she was crowned Minnesota Miss Amazing after winning the pageant for women with disabilities.

Speaking to BuzzFeed News, Mikayla's mother, Sandi Holmgren, described the moment her daughter received a letter about Miss Minnesota.

“I wrote that she had Down syndrome and thought they would pass her by but they decided they wanted her to be a part of it,” she said.

“I didn't realize it was part of the Miss USA and Miss Universe pageant and it took me a few weeks to realize the enormity of it and what a big deal it was for her to be in.”

Her inclusion in the competition marks a huge step forward for the pageant industry, as well as other young women with Down syndrome.


Miss USA contestant, Valerie Gatto, is using her own tragic experience to raise awareness of sexual assault and rape.

The brave beauty pageant contestant told the story of how her mother was raped at knifepoint, aged 19: “Being a child of rape, not knowing who my father is, not knowing if he’s ever been found, most people would think it’s such a negative situation … I believe God put me here for a reason: to inspire people, to encourage them, to give them a hope that everything is possible and you can’t let your circumstances define your life.”

Valerie explained that she first found out about what had happened to her mum when she was in thirds grade and began to ask questions about her dad, she says her mum responded by saying: “Something bad happened to me. A very bad man hurt me but God gave me you.”

Miss Pennsylvania revealed her mum’s tragic story saying that she was leaving work when she was attacked at knifepoint and raped behind a building, until a car shone its lights and scared the attacker away.

Ms Gatto is now using her experience to raise awareness of sexual assault and rape, in a bid to protect potential victims, telling NBC’s Today, she said: “I hope to show others how to be proactive, what to do, to be present, to be aware of your surroundings, little things like that … I’m educating women about a topic that’s so serious, but it’s so awesome to see their responses. They say it changes their life.”



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Today’s highlights include:

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