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Rozanna Purcell found the scariest Halloween costume of all time… for bloggers at least.

The Miss Universe Ireland winner hilariously dressed as a troll this year. #winning

She wore a nude, sparkly playsuit with a classic, pink troll wig.

Posing with her laptop, the lifestyle blogger held a sticky note with a trolling comment. She then plastered a bunch more of the spiteful sentences on her computer.


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“Every bloggers worst nightmare,” the model said.

“ HAPPY HALLOWEEN! I'll be handing out shitty pointless comments all night on sticky pads, on people's backs because obviously I'm that much of nob.

“Those who don’t know what a troll doll is. Firstly you make me feel old, secondly [scroll to the right].”

Her second photo is an image of a vintage troll doll from childhood days, although if you didn’t already know that you probably grew up under a rock.


A post shared by ROZ PURCELL (@rozannapurcell) on

Her costume is brilliant and were snapping we didn’t think of it first.

It is a cheeky nod to all the online haters out there who have nothing better to do than troll people’s profiles.

Loads of her followers have commented on the pic, saying how clever Rozanna is.

“That is absolutely genius! Love it!” said one comment.

“You’re killing it,” said another.

We love the cheek of her and officially mark Rozanna down as an absolute Halloween legend.



This week marks the final few days of applications for Miss Universe Ireland 2018, so if you've ever held dreams of being a beauty queen – here's your chance. 

The title is currently held by last years reigning champion, Cailin Toibín, who placed in the Top 4 in Europe and final 16 at Miss Universe 2017.

Applications close this Friday the 22nd, so, here's what you need to make is as Miss Universe.

'A contestant must be confident. She must be able to demonstrate authenticity and articulate her ambitions as a titleholder,' reads the application.  

'The competitions showcase and evaluate the contestant’s aspirations and are judged by accomplished business leaders, philanthropists, and public figure.'

This will be the second year that Miss Universe Ireland is under new management and with a fresh and empowering focus.

Director of Miss Universe Ireland, Brittany Mason – an international model, actress, activist, and businesswoman – core objective is to cultivate job opportunities and to empower Irish women to become leaders in the community creating positive social change.

Pageantry has gotten quite a lot of criticism over the past few years, due to the lack of body diversity within the competitions. 

However, Miss Universe Ireland insists that people of all shapes and sizes are welcome to compete.

'We believe in diversity and welcome all shapes and sizes. Our motto at Miss Universe is “Confidently Beautiful”. We celebrate all women,' reads their application, and they stress that modelling experience is absolutely not necessary – if you get through the application process, the team will work with you on your modelling skills for the stage. 

Sounds like your cup of tea? Get applying right here.



This week, it was announce that Miss America will be abolishing their swimsuit section.  

Gretchen Carlson announced that the move is first step to bringing the competition up to date.

However, not everyone agreed with the move, including our own Miss Universe Ireland Cailín Áine Ní Toibín.

The Cork native represented Ireland in the Miss Universe competition in 2017, and placed in the top 16 contestants. 

'I have debated writing about this since I found out that Miss America will be taking out the bikini portion of their competition because I was so confused as to why would they do that and wanted to curate an honest opinion. In all the times I have had to wear a bikini for a shoot or on stage I have not once felt sexualised,' the model and pageant enthusiast wrote on her Instagram.

'I have felt confident, strong, beautiful and empowered! I as a woman shouldn’t have to feel ashamed of my body and whether I want to wear something fully covered or a regular bikini I shouldn’t have to feel ashamed or judged for what I want to wear. I feel the days of the bikini section objectifying women is outdated, women today want to embrace their bodies on stage and feel strong and empowered when stepping on stage because of the hard work they have put into their fitness and health.'

'Who ever said you can’t be sexy and intelligent? I feel that removing the bikini section from Miss America is one I don’t understand as a pageant perspective but Miss America has always stated they are a scholarship program NOT a pageant therefore they have different values, focus and goals for the women who compete.'

'I personally don’t follow Miss America as much a I do Miss Universe but I feel that if it is in line with their core values to take out he bikini portion than so be it.'

'They are evolving as a new brand and with a new board of management I feel they need to figure out what is the new Era of Miss America and this is one of their new ventures.'

'Lastly I feel that regardless of what we wear on our bodies we are INTELLIGENT, STRONG and AMAZING women! We need to end shaming women for how they want to be perceived.'

Back in November, Cailin also hailed the bikini section as a segment that celebrates diversity and confidence. 

'So many people criticise the bikini section of a pageant and say it’s “old fashioned” I don’t think so not even remotely,' she wrote at the time. 

'Bikini isn’t judged on your physique it’s judged on confidence and how you are in your own body regardless of your shape or size it’s about being confidently beautiful no matter how you step on stage. Not one single woman in @missuniverse was the same shape, size or nationality as another and to me it is amazing to step on stage and be so proud of my body and how hard I’ve worked to understand it as a whole.'

'I am comfortable with all my lumps, bumps and scars and so should everyone else when it comes to their body, it is so revitalising to show the world I am who I am regardless of what I’m wearing.'