Rozanna Purcell found the scariest Halloween costume of all time… for bloggers at least.

The Miss Universe Ireland winner hilariously dressed as a troll this year. #winning

She wore a nude, sparkly playsuit with a classic, pink troll wig.

Posing with her laptop, the lifestyle blogger held a sticky note with a trolling comment. She then plastered a bunch more of the spiteful sentences on her computer.


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“Every bloggers worst nightmare,” the model said.

“ HAPPY HALLOWEEN! I'll be handing out shitty pointless comments all night on sticky pads, on people's backs because obviously I'm that much of nob.

“Those who don’t know what a troll doll is. Firstly you make me feel old, secondly [scroll to the right].”

Her second photo is an image of a vintage troll doll from childhood days, although if you didn’t already know that you probably grew up under a rock.


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Her costume is brilliant and were snapping we didn’t think of it first.

It is a cheeky nod to all the online haters out there who have nothing better to do than troll people’s profiles.

Loads of her followers have commented on the pic, saying how clever Rozanna is.

“That is absolutely genius! Love it!” said one comment.

“You’re killing it,” said another.

We love the cheek of her and officially mark Rozanna down as an absolute Halloween legend.