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Thr village of Dalkey in South County Dublin is in mourning this weekend following the sudden death of 35-year-old resident Mick Burke.

Mr Burke's body was discovered by a resident in a laneway just off Dalkey's Convent Road shortly after 8am yesterday morning.

While Gardaí were initially treating the death as suspicious, a recent statement has confirmed that Mr Burke's death was the result of a tragic accident.

"Gardaí are no longer treating as suspicious the death of a man found this morning in Dalkey," Gardaí confirmed yesterday.

"Preliminary results of a post-mortem examination have been furnished to investigating gardaí and foul play has now been ruled out. A file will be prepared for the coroner."

According to the Irish Independent, it is understood that Mr Burke died after becoming impaled on a gate he was attempting to climb following a night celebrating a new job.

Mr Burke was a native of Dalkey.


After 69 years attending the annual matchmaking festival in Lisdoonvarna, one 92-year-old farmer from Tipperary hasn't given up hope that he'll one day meet the woman of his dreams.

Speaking ahead of the festival's 160th anniversary this year, bachelor Mick Burke revealed that while he often came away with a 'pocketful of phone numbers' he never had any intention of tying the knot.

"I fell in love with several women I met in Lisdoonvarna. I used to go home with a pocketful of phone numbers – this was my fodder for the winter!" Mick said, according to The Independent.

After almost seven decades attending the well-known festival, Mick hasn't tired of the routine, saying: "I love coming back every year, meeting old friends and dancing and there’s never any trouble here."

"I would say the best thing about coming to Lisdoonvarna is to come with no expectations and you will never be disappointed."

Despite years of dating, Mick never made it up the aisle and firmly believes the remote location of his farm had an influence on potential partners.

"Once I was dating a woman from Dublin and she came to visit me on the farm," Mick recalled.

"It was particularly bad winter and we got snowed in for a few days. After the snow thawed she got straight on a train back to Dublin and that was the end of that."

"I think the remote location put a lot of women off," he added.

Reluctant to give up on love, Mick insisted: "I have to go as far as my eyes can see."

And now we're melting.