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Tesco Ireland and McVitie’s today announced details of a new partnership that sees both brands donating 10c to Temple Street for every pack of McVitie’s biscuits sold in Tesco stores and online over the next four weeks.

All funds raised will help Temple Street to purchase eight new beds and mattresses for a vital new ward, which consists of eight isolation rooms for treating Temple Street’s most vulnerable patients.

The promotion will run across all packs of McVitie’s biscuits for the next four weeks until November 12 and will be supported by in store POS and social media to remind customers that when they are enjoying a well-earned biscuit break, they will be helping to raise vital funds for Temple Street.

Emma Barrett, Head of Corporate Development, Temple Street Foundation said: “We’re so grateful to Tesco Ireland and McVitie’s for their support. Every pack sold will play its part in helping us to continue to provide life-saving treatment and facilities for sick children in Ireland.”

Niamh Twyford, Head of Marketing at McVitie’s said “McVitie’s wants to take this moment to give back. This partnership with Tesco Ireland is about encouraging people to recognise the work that the incredible staff of Temple Street do to help sick children in Ireland. It means while enjoying an 11 o’clock break or an after-dinner cup of tea and biscuit, consumers can know they have also helped in raising much needed funds for Temple Street.”

Each year Temple Street treats over 150,000 children from across the country and operates the busiest A&E department in Europe. For thousands of children, Temple Street is the only hospital in Ireland in which they can be treated. Through the charity partner programme, Tesco colleagues and customers can help little people from all over Ireland get better and be real life heroes to children attending the hospital.

Temple Street has been Tesco Ireland’s charity partner since October 2014 and to-date Tesco Ireland has raised €4.5 million in aid of the little heroes of Temple Street.


Are you fond of a choccie biccie break? Are you a just Jaffas kinda person? Do you take your time to Digestive the best part of every biscuity treat, while enjoying your Rich Tea?

If you answered yes to the above, then McVitie’s Ireland want you as their head biscuit tester.

Not wanting to just keep it in the Family Circle, they want to broaden their horizon with this national search, to bring on board a real Hob-Nob of a tester, as they're pretty Thin on the ground right now.


  • A commitment to always be available to have an aul bikkie – sure a cuppa isn’t the same without one

  • Ability to assess a quality ‘snap’ in a biscuit where a quality snap is desired

  • A keen eye for an even chocolate covering, with a generous distribution

  • Optimise use of biscuit eating opportunities both on and off the job

  • Help to create global synergy between the biscuit maker and the biscuit eater*

  • Keeping abreast of new developments in the biscuit world in terms of new shapes coming to the market such as the rhombus and trapezoid


  • Knows a good biscuit when they see one

  • Tells a killer biscuit joke

  • Doesn’t get hung up on things like if it’s a biscuit or if it’s a cake

  • Has a firm stance on whether it’s a full moon, half moon or a total eclipse

  • As a true biscuit advocate, you will be able to hold your ground in all biscuit-related discussions, no matter what.  Fluency in biscuit speak being essential.

  • A formal qualification in biscuit-ing and significant tasting / eating experience in the same area

  • Previous experience with biscuits

  • Proficient in opening biscuit packages / boxes

  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills when discussing biscuits

  • Willingness and availability to try new biscuits

  • Extensive travel throughout Europe including occasional visits to the U.S. and other destinations**

  • Ability to work constructively in a matrix***

This search to p-p-p-pick the right person, to join the McVitie’s family starts today, so if you think you're the kind of cookie connoisseur they need, with no chocolatey chips on your shoulder; somebody with a keen eye for taste, don’t be Ginger Nut about it – apply now.

To apply, jump over to McVitie’s Ireland Facebook page and apply under their recruitment biscuit tester video and tell them why you think you’d be the best choice.

Location: Ireland

Salary: Biscuits. Lots of biscuits

Why now? It’s National Biscuit Week – 22nd to 29th May 2018

Apply: McVitie’s Ireland Facebook page – www.facebook.com/McVitiesIreland​​​​​​


* This may or may not be required. In fact, it’s not. Unless you reaaaaally want to create a global synergy such as this.

** Absolutely no chance of this happening. At all.

*** If you know what this one means, let us know.


The royal wedding is quickly approaching, and if you’re as excited as we are about the impending nuptials, you will have to have THESE biscuits wherever you’re watching!

McVities are doing a limited edition Royal wedding chocolate digestive biscuit.

In honour of Meghan and Harry’s big day, the company has unveiled their ‘transatlantic’ treat and they sound divine.

Taking to Twitter, a poll revealed that biscuit lovers chose the Chocolate Fudge Brownie flavour as the favourite to celebrate the marriage.



McVitie’s will take the nations most loved chocolate digestive biscuit and give it an American makeover.

Bringing the great taste of Britain and American together, they will marry everyone’s favourite chocolate digestive with mouth-watering fudge pieces, cocoa and brownie, to create the perfect wedding biscuit.

The biscuit poll also included American famous flavours such as Mississippi Mud Pie, Peanut Butter and Jelly and Pecan Pie.



However, the Chocolate Fudge Brownie was crowned King, and if you want to get your hands on the ideal screening snack, you better act fast.

McVitie's are only releasing 50 special edition packs, but if you keep a close eye on their Facebook page you could be in with a chance of winning a packet. 

McVities seem to be a family-favourite with the Royals too.


The company created the masterpiece that was Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip’s €570 nine feet high wedding cake which would cost about €15,900 today. Prince William’s groom’s cake also got the McVities treatment in 2011.

The biscuit giant made a chocolate biscuit cake of nearly 2,000 Rich Tea biscuits and 17kg of chocolate.



Sometimes it can be hard to stay positive, especially when you’ve a million and one things to do and no time to do them.

When you’re feeling stressed or overworked, it’s important to focus on the little perks in your day – the small moments that make you smile no matter what.

We teamed up with McVitie’s to find out the little things that brighten up our readers’ days, and we were overwhelmed by the responses.

Here are just a few…

1. “A cosy blanket and a good book.”

Is there anything better after a long day?


2. “Good friends.”

A solid support network is SO important, ladies!


3. “Sunshine!”

Thankfully we are seeing a little more of it these days…


4. “A morning coffee with a McVitie’s Dark Chocolate Digestive for dunking.”



5. “A hug.”

Sometimes that’s all we need to feel like ourselves again.


6. “A walk by the sea.”

At least on our little Emerald Isle we are never far away from the ocean!


7. “Definitely a cuppa with my mam and a McVitie’s Jaffa Cake.”

Time to solve the world’s problems…


8.  My baby niece giving me a gummy smile and a little giggle. Priceless.”

A cute baby never fails to cheer us up!


9. “Getting to the gym for an hour.”

Even if you only have time for a quick walk after work, exercise is key to staying positive.


10. “Coming home to a lovely warm apartment, a good meal, and a good TV show after a long day of staring at a computer screen.”