The referendum on repealing the 8th amendment to the constitution will take place on May 25 2018. 

It was speculated that this would be the date, but confirmation came today via Minister for Housing Eoghan Murphy. 

Earlier today, Simon Harris tweeted that 'the Referendum Bill has now passed all stages in Seanad Eireann.'

'Date for referendum can now be formally set.'

Senators voted 40 to 10 to allow the referendum to take place. 

The referendum will come after months of political debate regarding the issue. 

'I cannot close my eyes and block my ears to the fact that 3,265 of our citizens travelled to the UK in 2016 from every county in Ireland,' Mr Harris said previously. 

'I cannot stand over a situation where the abortion pill is illegally accessed in this country and women, perhaps in the privacy of their own bedroom, in a lonely isolated place, [are] taking a pill without any medical supervision.'

You can make sure you are registered to vote here.