Binky, Sophie, Lucy, Tiff… there's no denying the Made In Chelsea women all have pretty stellar bodies. But, as with most celebrities, they're not that lean and toned without some help. 

Personal trainer Lonan O'Herlihy reveals how he the MIC cast keep their figures in check, while still dining out on truffles and bubbly in true Chelsea style. Lonan appears in series eight of the show and has worked to train Binky Felstead, James Dunsmore and Josh Shepherd among others.


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Lonan advocates for a high protein diet with unlimited veg and lean meat, and no carbs in the afternoon or evening. "It’s the diet which is the main thing. Around 80 per cent of it is down to diet. A lot of people don’t realise that," he told MailOnline during an interview promoting his new Lenovo workout video series.

"I train the same all the way through the year but my body changes by about 10 kilos because my diet changes."

A typical food diary under Lonan's guidance? "For breakfast, egg whites with some tuna. Lunch, a salad with grilled chicken. Dinner, white meat or fish and vegetables. Snacking on nuts and berries," he advises.


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Of course, there's always room for a cheat day so Lonan only insists on strict eating six days a week. "‘Eating well is really easy, it’s just about getting into a routine," he says.

As for alcohol? Well, Lonan says it's best left out at all costs but of course that's not always an option. "If you can avoid alcohol then that’s best. I’ve done 6 months not drinking and I had amazing results," he says. 


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"But if you’re in a social group it’s just not possible. So I would say look at the calorie content of each, stick to just vodka or gin, which is lower in calories."

As well as being Binky's housemate (and rumoured boyfriend for a time), Lonan is also close pals with other MIC cast members. In fact, he's currently holidaying at Josh's Barbados home.


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"Out here it’s very difficult [to eat healthily] because Josh has a cook," he says. First world problems, eh?