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The world of fashion can be a minefield. 

The trends change every season, models are popping up left, right and centre and then there's designers names. 

While Burberry might slip easily off the tongue, there's a whole world of designers names we can't even attempt to pronounce. 

So, if you need to fake it in fashion, here's a little lesson of some labels not-so phonetic names. 

Dolce & Gabbana: Doll-che & Gab-ana


Herve Leger: Her-vay Lay-jarr


Hermes: Er-mez


Louis Vuitton: Loo-wee Vwee-ton


Marchesa: Mar-kay-zah


Badgley Mischka: Badge-lee Meesh-kah


Lanvin: Lahn-van


Moschino: Moss-key-no


Givenchy: Jee-von-she


Yves Saint Laurent: Eve San Lau-ron

Versace: Ver-sah-chi



Balmain: Ball-mahn




The French fashion house Lanvin are proving that not only are they fashion forward, they’re technologically forward also.

Beginning the 1st February, Lanvin History will unveil photos and a video archive that has never been seen before. Original artwork by the founding mother of the brand, Jeanne Lanvin will also feature.

The photos, video and artwork, all part of Lanvin History, will feature on the official Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram accounts of Lanvin. They will also be available to view on the brand’s website.

The fashion house is also said to be working on an exhibition for 2015.

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