We know Kim K is extra when it comes to…well, everything.

So, with Christmas nearly here, we knew she would do something absolutely magical to decorate her place.

And the model didn’t disappoint.

Kim recently revealed that she is channelling her inner queen to create the best Christmas tree ever for North West.


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Yes, North gets her own tree and are we really that surprised?

During Kim’s appearance on Busy Tonight, she said she was looking forward to giving North her own ‘squishy tree’.

“I got North an all Squishy tree with ornaments that are Squishies,” she gushed.

“She's gonna be in heaven when we decorate it tomorrow."


Snake Skin Drip on my little Northie

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The show’s host, Dawson's Creek’s Busy Phillips, replied that she got a similar tree for her own daughter.

“She's got one of those white trees," she said. "And it's all unicorns and purple and Squishies and all that stuff."

It seems we have found this year’s Christmas celeb trend.

Soft trees with squishy ornaments? Sounds like it could double as a child’s or a pet’s present.


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Kim has been feeling the added pressure this holiday season as the Wests have been tasked with throwing the iconic Kardashian-Jenner Christmas Eve bash this year.

“Because we're throwing the Christmas Eve party this year, I feel like I have to get the teams in to figure it out and really step it up," Kim confessed.


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"We're usually really simple, just like twinkle lights but not a lot of decorations…so I gotta figure it out."

We just know that Kim’s party is going to be epic and we can’t wait to see North set eyes on her squishy holiday present!