Forget your Mary Berry-approved three-tier showstopper cakes, people. One US food blogger knows where it's at when it comes to enviable baking, and she's got the Instagram account to prove it.

Bake a cake. Decorate that cake with some killer Drake lyrics. Eat that cake. Repeat.

LA-based Joy Wilson has been doing her thing over at Joy The Baker for eight years now, and with a host of celeb fans including both Taylor Swift AND Emma Stone, it's safe to say she's got the whole blogging-as-a-career thing down.

But now she's expanded her reach with a little side project, Drake On Cake.

The account, which does exactly what it says on the tin – puts Drake lyrics on decadently delicious cakes – already has a whopping 62k followers and counting.

So next time you're planning a party cake with a difference, take a leaf out of Joy's book. From the explicit…

…To the downright inspirational…

…Drake On Cake is giving us LIFE.