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Every woman knows what it’s like to stand in front of the mirror and feel uncomfortable with the image they get back.

But despite being a near universal experience, this type of unhappiness can feel extremely isolating and develop into an obsession if not dealt with effectively.

This scenario is portrayed perfectly by Irish YouTuber Jessica Spencer whose powerful new video “When Skinny Means Pretty” is doing the rounds online.

In the video, film student Jessica describes the moment the seven year struggle with her weight began and how ever since she has felt like she is falling as she waits for her anxiety end.

She says: “I remember when I was 14 I was told I was too fat.  And suddenly, my whole perception of myself was destroyed.”

“Every time I leave the house or I talk to someone new it’s just like falling.”

“[My mind] tells me that the people who see me won’t like me.  They may not know me but who cares ‘cause I’ve fat thighs and messy hair and a tummy that looks like jelly when I walk.”

“So, how could they like me?  Do they not see what I see?”

The 21-year-old – who runs the blog jeesiblah.com – goes on to explain how she began to obsess over food and restrict her calorie intake in a bid to get the approval of others.

"So then I swapped eating for dancing and dancing for fainting.”

“All I consumed were lies and diet plans on how to become thin and it tasted fantastic, finally getting validation.”

“[I thought] this will be worth it when other people like me.  Skinny means pretty.  I promised myself, I will love me when I look like somebody worthy of love.”




If you've been single at any stage during the last two years you've no doubt given Tinder a go. And within five minutes, you probably realised that every guy you swiped left for fell into one of a few categories.

There's the lad who insists on only posting group photos, with no indication whether he's the semi-hot guy or the definitely-not-hot guy (meaning he's probably the latter). Then there's the gym buffs who only post mirror selfies of themselves topless and always mention their love of #gains.

And of course, we can't forget the creeps who are only here for the ride, and nothing else. Charming.

Youtuber Jessica Spencer has been giving Tinder dating a try herself lately, and we're loving her take on the world of online dating:

Sort yourselves out, lads!