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Hands up if you LOVE the idea of combining sweets with booze! 

Can I get an AMEN?

The wonderful people of Sugarfina have developed the ultimate in confectionery goodness. 

Anyone for champagne flavoured gummy bears? 

Infused with Dom Pérignon Vintage Champagne, these tiny golden bears sparkle in flavours of Brut and Rosé… SIGN US UP!


The best part is that these edible beauties won't break the bank, at just $8.50 a box

The perfect little stocking filler. 


You might think it's all fun and games when it comes to sweets and candy; but apparently not so.

There's been a long-running legal battle between Haribo and Lindt Chocolate —and you won't believe why. 

Back in 2012, the gummy bear company decided that the Swiss chocolatier's famous gold-foil chocolate bears too closely resembled its cartoon mascot.

But this week, a federal court judge finally settled the debate.  

"Lindt's sales of bear-shaped chocolates wrapped in a golden foil with a red ribbon is neither a violation of Haribo's 'Gold Bear' trademark nor an illegal imitation of the fruit gum products." 

And Lindt wins!

According to Agence France-Passe, the main argument for Lindt was that the chocolate bears were inspired by another of its successful sellers, the famous gold-foil bunny offered at Easter that also dons a red ribbon around its necks.

The gold bunny was first created in 1952. In comparison, the first batch of Haribo Gold Bears was produced in 1967. 

A German court originally ruled in favour of Haribo before an appeals court countered that verdict by siding with Lindt and stating that the chocolate bears could not be mistaken for Haribo's sweets.

To reach a final verdict, the case was taken to the Federal Court of Justice where Lindt was the ultimate victor.



With Longitude just around the corner, it’s time for us to start getting festival ready. While there’s nothing wrong with being prepared with some fancy wellies, it can be still fun to glam it up when it comes to our favourite festivals. Here’s a list of some fashionable footwear that you just might just get away with wearing at this year’s summer festivals:

Biker Boots

Practical and stylish, the biker boots are must have for this festival season.  Some are on the pricey side but fortunately there are some affordable pairs at our local high-street shops.



Depending on how muddy the festival grounds really are, runners are the perfect festival footwear for keeping comfy and stylish while standing for hours on end.

Tall boots


Verging on wellies but not quite. Tall boots are not only perfect for the muddy festival grounds but stylish too.



If you’re lucky and we mean really lucky, jellies are the essential fun footwear for this year’s festivals. This of course depends on the weather because no matter how colourful those jellies are they won’t feel nice when saturated with mud.