Supermarket shopping can often be a dull task but one prankster decided to make the alcohol section a little more fun, by changing the wine descriptions with his own hilarious versions.

The joker printed off his own homemade wine descriptions and placed them at a Tesco store in South London.

What makes the joke even better is that you wouldn’t notice the prank until some closer inspection, as the funny wine descriptions are identical to the normal Tesco labels. Some of the wine descriptions even include a fake barcode and information about Clubcard points.

The anonymous joker said he came up with the idea while shopping with his partner.

“I was navigating the aisles of my local supermarket when, due to my girlfriend’s inability to make a quick decision, my eye was drawn to the flowery descriptions of some of their lower end.”

Our personal favourite is definitely the description J.P. Chenet which says the wine is made of “bitter clown tears with a hint of suspicion”.