For as long as Kerry Katona has been in the spotlight, the public have known of the troubled relationship she shares with her mother Sue.

The reality star, who rose to fame as a member of Atomic Kitten, has never hidden the animosity which exists between herself and her mum, and even went as far as to document tense moments during reality television shows.

But it looks like Kerry's candid approach to the issue conceals a genuine distress over events which took place in Kerry's past.

While appearing on Channel 5’s new series of In Therapy, the mum-of-five revealed that she had once tried to help her mother take her own life in a move which thankfully failed.

Recalling the moment she reached breaking point, Kerry explained: "I got all her medicines out and said, ‘Go on, take them, you’re selfish.’

Through tears, a distraught Kerry,36, told the host "I made her take all the pills, then I rang for an ambulance and told her I’d pick her up after school.”

Kerry's own mental health struggles have been widely documented – something which Kerry also addresses during her appearance on In Therapy.

Adamant she wouldn't take the same path as her mother, Kerry said she had her childrens' names tattooed on her wrist as a preventative measure.

"If it’s hereditary I’d have to be one selfish person to cut through my kids’ names, so that’s why they’re there." she revealed.