Beer is apparenty not just for drinking!

Here are some handy ways to use up beer you might have lying around after a party.

1. Make your pots gleam
Polish you copper pots with a little beer to bring up a fantastic shine.

2. Tenderising meat
Cheaper cuts of meat can be transformed into succulent pieces of heaven by simply adding beer to your stew.

3. Polishing your jewellery
Using the same principle as the pots, beer will make your silver and gold shiny and new-looking.

4. Bring up a shine in your hair
Soak your hair in beer for a few minutes to make it shiny and healthy looking.

5. Catch house and garden pests
Bury some beer-filled jars in the garden to attract slugs. In the house, place a bowl in the kitchen to attract mice (we’re sorry). Place a little ramp up to the bowl, the mouse will run up, drink the beer and be so full he can’t get out. You can then bring him outside. See, you don’t need to clean up mouse guts off the floor after all!