I love tattoos as much as the next female, but I especially love teeny tiny ones.

You know those tats that you don't even really notice, until they're pointed out to you? Gorge. 

Anyway, I'm currently in the market for some new ink, and I'm leaning towards getting a little heart.

Why? Because I am the epitome of a basic bitch, and I just love a bit of love. 

Anyway, I have spent hours perusing Pinterest, seeking out the loveliest little heart tattoos, and decided to share them with you. 

Which one is your fave? 

This little sketch.

#love❤️ Tattoo#small#girl

Hands up if you love heart tattoos…

c/s Jon Boy p/v on Instagram: “❤️ #jonboytattoo” Small heart tattoo, ring finger tattoo

LOVE this one. 


 Okay, I'm loving this collar bone number. 

Small heart tattoo - under the collar bone a bit more also make it an anchor and on the right side

Why not pair your lil heart with a special word? (like hummus, perhaps?) 

Small font an heart tattoo

This flower baby is beyond gorgeous. 

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 Splash of colour anyone? 

Love this one! if i were ever to get a tattoo for my husband i would do this something small under my ring

Include a special finger print.

Small heart fingerprint tattoo.

 Three in a row. 

I like this Little bicep tattoo of three chained hearts. You possibly can color within the coronary heart you a...

Tiny tiny TINY. 

Micro Heart Tattoo

 Aaaaaand I'm done.