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It has been reported that GPs will receive up to €450 if they participate in the Government’s new abortion service programme.

A source told the Irish Times that the Irish Medical Organisation, HSE and Department of Health met to discuss fee costs for GPs who provide abortion services in Ireland.

It is believed GPs will be given between €400 and €450 for every three appointments with women who want to have an abortion.

Simon Harris has vowed to ensure that abortion services will be free in Ireland. He said the services will be available for all women from all financial backgrounds.

He said he wants the services to be available to everyone who needs them. The Minister for Health said cost should not be a barrier for women who need these services.

The Health Minister confirmed: “Yes, it is my intention that the services will be free.”

Ireland’s constitutional ban on abortion was officially lifted on September 19.

The 8th amendment was removed from the Irish Constitution, as President Michael D Higgins signed the formal repeal legislation.  

The 36th Amendment of the Constitution reads:

'Provision may be made by law for the regulation of termination of pregnancy.'

The Government are hopeful that abortion services will be made available in Ireland from January 1, 2019.


Us Irish ladies are more than used to cold weather but that doesn't mean we have to like it. However this latest health news has us wondering if we've been judging that awful January weather a little too harshly!

Scientists in the US have discovered that being exposed to colder temperatures could actually make it easier for our bodies to burn fat. The Wayne State University School of Medicine in Michigan conducted extensive research into the different kinds of body fat and how they are broken down – and what they discovered was quite interesting.

It turns out that our body stores excess calories as one of two kinds of fat – white and brown. White fat is the worst kind, as it's the one that can accumulate on our tissues and organs and deteriorate our health. Brown fat, on the other hand, actually excretes hormones that improve our metabolic rate. Hurrah!

So how to control what type of fat our body stores those indulgent Christmas calories as? Lower the thermostat! Tests showed that when mice were exposed to colder temperatures (4 degrees Celsius) for one week, their body stored more brown fat than white, and the properties of their white fat began to change for the better too. Research is now being conducted to see how us humans can harness the benefits of brown fat.

Now, we're not suggesting you hang around outside in your PJs for the next week – but at least the next time you're battling wind and rain to get to work, you'll know you could be doing your body some good!