When it comes to Facebook, the vast majority of us think our older relatives do nothing but post inspirational quotes and accidentally use the status box as a search engine.

But if this girl's granny is anything to go by, some actually use it to rag on their mate's baking skills – something which has delighted thousands in recent days.

Taking to Twitter, Row from Scotland shared a screengrab of an exchange which occurred between her grandmother and another woman, and it looks like Row's granny definitely knows how to speak her mind.

"Some poor bird is heavy chuffed with her tattie scones n ma granny has absolutely scorned her. 'Sorry Alison, they look sh*te.'" Row wrote in a post which has amassed a staggering 29,000 likes in two days.

After catching sight of Alison's efforts, Hazel Ramsay wrote: "Sorry Alison but they look sh*te. Hope they tasted better than they looked. I've no tried the recipe yet I will post a picture." (sic)

"Brilliant. Aw, that's made my night," wrote one Twitter user while another added: "Thank God Hazel brought the real talk."

Hazel for Mayor.