Who hasn’t had the delightful experience of attempting a DIY hair extension job and just not getting it. It happens.

We’ve all seen it happen, and unfortunately some of us have been the ones left with the dodgy uneven looking hair right before the next big occasion. Nobody wants this to happen to them:

So, the good people at Hairspray are here to help us all out. Hurrah! It just takes a few easy steps and you’re good to go.

The dreaded wandering hair piece will never be making a surprise appearance ever again. YAY! 

So just follow these five easy steps to achieve serious red carpet ready hair:

Step 1 – Firstly you have to section out your hair, separating it so you
have clear places to apply the clip.

Step 2 – Backcomb around the area that you will apply the clip in, to
volumise your own hair.

Step 3 – Apply the clip securely to the chosen area.

Step 4 – Apply some hairspray to further secure the clip in.

Step 5 – Backcomb your own hair over and with the clip in to blend them
together. Then style as you wish!


You can also see the tricks in action in the video above.

And if your hair might need a little more help, Hairspray Cork are hosting their opening day tomorrow from 10am.

To celebrate the day they’re offering €30 vouchers to the first 40 people in the door along with cakes, cocktails and canapés all day long for everyone. Sounds amazing!

RED FM will also be on hand to provide live music for the day and Hairspray’s sister company, Hair Club, will also be opening at the same time.

Hair Club, previously only in Dublin, provide high-grade hair pieces for clients with medical issues. Women from all over Ireland have previously travelled to the Dublin location for their specialised service, but Munster ladies will now have the benefit of Hair Club a little closer to home.