As it turns out, all of the hours you spent trying to take the perfect selfie for your Tinder profile was actually quite pointless; you should have been fussing over your name.

The Grade voted and ranked the hottest names on social media dating apps – based on how many swipe rights they receive – and guys think some names are way sexier than others. 

Now we know you can't change your name (unless you want to catfish someone), but if you want to find out who has a bit of an edge over you, here are the women's names that came out on top:

1. Brianna

2. Erika

3. Lexi

4. Brooke

5. Vanessa

6. April

7. Natalie

8. Jenna

9. Molly

10. Katie

And what guys names came out on top, you ask?

1. Brett

2. Tyler

3. Corey

4. Andy

5. Noah

6. Shane

7. Jeffery

8. Rob

9. Frank

10. Jeff

Now, we don't know any Brett's or Jeffery's but we sure need to find some now!