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On this week’s Spotlight Niamh Geaney catches up with the Hot Sprockets ahead of their headline gig in Vicar Street. Of the five piece, Wayne, Tim and Franky divulge their pert bottom secrets, film adventures and their connection to Lily Allen’s Dad. They also chat on the success of their American tour, their venture into the UK and their upcoming Spanish tour. 

If you missed any of this week’s show, fear not, we’ll be back tomorrow with Snapshot’s Catch-Up show.



The 12 types of people in every group of friends

So you might have a close knit group of friends, but it doesn’t mean that you’re short of characters. Friend groups tend to have people with different personalities and here they are… Which one are you?

1. The Party Animal
They LOVE to go out when you would love nothing more than a Chinese and Netflix. Not only this but they are also capable of staying out until 2am…what the hell?

2. The Pessimist
There is always something to give out about with them and even when you’re all having a good time, they’ll bring everyone down with their negativity.

3. The Joker
Every friend group needs the comic relief, we all need the joker in the group. When things get a little heated they are always the one that will have a joke to lighten the mood. They perfectly sum up your friends sense of humour and are the perfect guest at a party.

4. The Gambler

In every group there is someone who takes a lot of high-risk chances. Your friends might call you a gambler if you spend your free time bungee jumping and playing high-stakes poker. When you seek adventure or danger, you’re gambling with your safety or even your life, which makes you one kind of gambler. Other gamblers enjoy betting money on sports, card games, or games of chance. If you’re the latter, be sure to play at online casinos that you can trust.

5. The Absolute Mess
If the joker is the comic relief, the mess is the butt of every joke. They just don’t seem to get life and you always know that if things are going bad for you, it’s way worse for them.

6. The Minder
They always seem to take care of everyone and are basically the parent of the group. They’ll look out for those that get too drunk and make sure that everyone get’s home safely.

 7. The Chilled One
They just breeze through life and are too easy going for their own good. They are super chilled about everything and never have arguments with anyone.

8. The Artistic One
They have more talent in their little finger than the rest of the group combined. Either they know how to play an instrument or they are amazing at drawing. They were the ones who forged the notes for the teachers in school. No one is quite sure where they got their talent from, but it’s good to have someone creative in the group.

9. The Future Executive
Their favourite show is Suits and they focus all of their energy on their career. They will definitely be the one who earns the most money out of your friend group at some stage. They can have their moments of stress and you don’t want to be on their bad side when they are in a bad mood, just try and stay out of the warpath and you should be fine.

10. The Smart One
They are incredibly smart and will always put everyone in the group to shame with their general knowledge. They are great to have at a pub quiz because they can answer questions from nearly every category. Find their weakness and never let them forget it. It’s really the only way with these guys.

11. The Not-So-Smart One
Definitely not the person you want at a table quiz and their strong suit is definitely not their wits. They are fun to be around and have a great personality, but you are always amazed at some of the stuff they still don’t know at their age.

12. The Drifter
You might see them for a while, but then out of nowhere you don’t see them for months. They have some business to attend to that no one ever asks about. They go out of town and no one bats an eye lid. They seem normal enough when you’re around them,  but you start to get a bit worried that they could be a serial killer or have a double life, like Clark Kent or Hannah Montana.

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The mammy in the friend group has a serious amount of sh** to deal with, if you do most of these things then it’s probably you…

1. You’re enthusiastic about EVERYTHING
Being the mummy of the group is all about the enthusiasm. Whenever a friend says things like  I got a new job/ boyfriend/ apartment, they will be met with an excited scream of OH MY GOD that is so GREAT, I’m soooo EXCITED for you- AHHHHH!!

emma-stone-excited2. Your handbag contains every item known to man
Your handbag has enough supplies for any situation that could possibly occur: food, make-up, wet wipes, hand sanitizer, 5 shades of lipstick, safety pins and a mini toothbrush…


 3. You know your tea
The mom of the group knows how everyone drinks their tea and can literally remember who takes half a spoon of sugar or who doesn’t take milk..


 4.  You’re fierce
Nobody messes with your friends- if anyone does they can expect a serious talking to. You don’t want to get on this girl’s bad side.


 5. You’re responsible for the Saturday night round up
Rounding everyone up on a Saturday night can be hell. John wants to go to supermax, Eva will only to to Eddie rockers, Siobhan is sitting outside crying and Dean is shifting the face of some young one in the smokers area. It’s the mum of the group’s  job to get everyone in a taxi and back home.

giphy-26. Snacks are your forte
Moms of the group always make sure no one else is hungry. When anyone comes over there is chocolate, crisps and popcorn. Hungry guests are a mom’s worst enemy.  You got this!


 7. You’re in charge of drunk naps
The mum of the group always puts everyone to bed after a night out, she also puts drunky Niamh in the recovery position.

giphy-68. You’re a die hard listener
You’ve heard your best friend go through every little detail of her past break up about 75 times and yet you still listen to her. As the mum of the group you are always listening to everyone else’s problems because you give the best advice.


 9. You always know the best words of encouragement
The mum of the group never loses her endearing sense of optimism. She’s the one who sends you little encouraging texts and messages and says things like  “Of course you don’t look fat” “You are DEFO going to pass that exam” “He’s an idiot not to like you”.

britneycriesandclaps_zpsb6e2e7b710. You get asked to do the dogs work
“Can you help me with my drivers licence form?”, “How do I do my tax back?”, “Will you come with me to get an STD check?” All questions you hear frequently.


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