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Another day, another weird and wonderful hair colour trend that is slowly taking over the Internet. 

Social media's latest offering comes in the form of "Slime roots," and while they sound awful, they don't look half bad – if green hair is your thing. 

So far this year we have seen geode hair, rose gold hair and rainbow roots – but slime green coloured hair is definitely the most outrageous trend yet.


When your new colors got you doin hair flips  #lyssdidmyhair #greenhair #slimehair #btconeshot_colormelt17 #btconeshot_vibrant17

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This new trend was popularised by Tasha Spencer at Bleach, the famous London salon specialising in the crazy hair hues, and has been all over social media ever since. 

Now, of course the folks behind Bleach London are colour experts, so it's only natural that the "slime roots" look is the product of dreams – however we wouldn't recommend trying to do it at home.

Each strand looks glossy and vibrant rather than dry or overdone, which can be tricky to achieve when you're using vibrant dyes.

Now, while we admit that this colour trend looks pretty cool, we're almost 100 percent sure we wouldn't be brave enough to try it – except maybe around Halloween time. 


Slime @bleachlondon

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That being said, we have major respect for anyone who has rocked slime roots. 

We'll be sticking to balayage for now…



They say blondes have more fun, but ladies with golden locks are having a spot of bother in areas of North Cork.

Hairdressers in Cork are said to be bombarded with woman asking to get a GREEN tinge out of their hair, since there has been a water imbalance in Northern areas.

“It wasn’t long until we noticed lots of people coming in that had this green hue in their hair. We were surprised there was so many."

“Women just wanted to get rid of the colour. It is a big problem," said Kai Runovski, a salon owner in Cork.

Kai said that due to the water imbalance, blonde and grey hair was turning into a “mucky, green shade” and brunettes had a more “forest” green.

At first, the owner of Red Door Beauty Salon was worried the problem was connected to the salon’s colouring products and hired a colour technician.

“She told me the water had very high iron levels and was very acidic, and that was causing it. It’s not just here, you can find places like that in west Cork and in Kerry,” she said.

“It was a shock in the beginning. We’ve learned to buy big gallons of alkaline shampoo all stored in the basement. It’s up to us to find a colour to hide the green.”

After numerous complaints were made to the Mayor of Cork, John Paul O’Shea, he said that  he has brought the issue to the attention of council engineers and agreed a €40,000 upgrade of the local water treatment plant that should solve the problem.

Let's hope there's no more green hair in sight after the upgrade… Unless you want to go down the Kylie Jenner route, that is.


We all know how Kylie Jenner majorly upset big sister Kim when she dyed her hair blue ahead of Kim's famous Florence wedding to Kayne West in 2014… but now it seems that Kylie is actually addicted to dyeing her hair. 

Over the past year alone, the 18-year-old has stepped out donning black, brown, blonde, bronde, blue and green hair.

Now, in a new blog post on her website, theKylieJenner.com, the reality TV star confessed that she first dyed her hair two years ago and she still just can't get enough.

“I’ve just had this addiction to dying my hair,” she wrote. “I love leaving the house knowing that nobody has ever seen me this way.”

Kylie made a green-haired appearance at a restaurant opening in New York last month, when only two days previously she was spotted with blonde hair upon her arrival into NYC. 

But for now, she's back to being a dark brunette. 

Thankfully for her tresses, the teenager does get a little help from the occasional wig and thanks her "wig guy", Tokyo Stylez, for her various looks. 

“[They] are SO much easier because I change my mind so much and this way I’m not damaging my hair,” she added on her blog.

Ms Jenner also offered a bit of life advice to fans reading her page: “If any of you are going through something in your life and you want a change, experiment with your hair – it’s so much fun and you’ll feel totally liberated.”