Primark removes mannequins after customer complaints


Primark have removed mannequins with protruding ribs from their window displays, after receiving numerous complaints on Twitter.

Mel Fraser was the first to post a picture of the controversial mannequin, when she spotted the ribcage design in a Glasgow in the UK.

Mel’s tweet has since been retweeted over 1,600 times with users disgusted by the stores’ designs.

Fraser also highlighted that it was nothing to do with “skinny bashing” but was concerned that no other body sizes were represented in mannequin forms.

“And before I get anyone saying that I’m skinny bashing, I’m not, I’d just like to see mannequins in clothing stores being all different shapes and sizes rather than young girls thinking that this is the only way to be!”

Primark were quick to reply to Mel’s tweet saying they were investigating the matter. Three days later they removed the controversial mannequins from their stores.