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At this point almost all of know someone, or know someone who knows someone who has packed their bags and left our little emerald isle for somewhere else.

Apparently, new figures are saying that one in every six Irish-born people now live abroad. Which makes sense because we did seem to heading to a lot of ‘going away’ parties last year.

If you are living abroad, or ever have- even it was just that extended holiday you took back in 2005, then you will probably recognise some of these experiences:

You miss good tea:

You find yourself sitting near a window doing your best interpretation of any Irish tea company ad from times gone by, seriously nostalgic.

Your name will be butchered:

Caoimhes generally have the most difficult time. Although Caoilinn also suffers.

People will impersonate you:

They love the accent, but it’s perfectly acceptable to find the parroting a little annoying after a few months.

People will assume you know every Irish person they have ever met:

“I met a guy in Dublin once”- even if you’re from Kerry they will ask.

You will suddenly become fluent in Irish:

Sure look, they have no idea you’re just asking them if you can go to the bathroom, repeatedly.

The heat can be an issue:

It can take a while to become accustomed to a warmer climate.

Nobody knows what the craic is:

Explaining it is one thing, trying to find it is a completely different challenge.

You will talk about potatoes more than you ever did:

Get used to it.

You will confuse a lot of people:

Surprisingly nobody outside or Ireland knows what sucking diesel means. Sliced pans are also an issue.

You will become a GAA expert whether you played sport or not:

Go on, explain hurling in one sentence we dare you.


Over the last year audiences have seen Sky Sports make a huge effort with their coverage of GAA.

In efforts to improve their programming for everyone they’ve been pulling out all the stops to help with their analysis and draw in the viewers. 


However, it would appear that GAA fans may not be completely abandoning their usual programming any time soon.

Former Dublin inter-country player John Magee had tuned in this morning and noticed that there were a few basic pieces of information that seem to have been overlooked.

Presenter Mike Wedderburn had a bit of a snafu when he was discussing the Player of the Year nominations:



It was a good thing the ever-professional Rachel Wyse was on hand to try and correct the error. Although some fans were not going to forgive and forget so quickly. 




A victorious Dublin team returned to the capital city today to celebrate after yesterday's All Ireland Senior Football win over Kerry.

Crowds were gathering on O'Connell St all evening ahead of the team's arrival, but, as is tradition, the Sam Maguire cup made a few other special visits first today:

And probably a few unscheduled ones too, starting with the Boar's Head pub on Capel St at 9am:

But after an official presentation in Dublin's Mansion house, the team made their way by bus over to O'Connell St, where thousands of locals were present to welcome them home.

Not to be left out, even the city's Lord Mayor Críona Ní Dálaigh jumped on board:

Just look at that view:

There'll be quite a few young fans too hyped up to do their homework tonight, but Dublin GAA are going to get them off the hook (kinda):

And did anyone use this 'sick' note this morning?

After speeches, it was on to the songs, with Kevin McManamon leading the tunes:

Looks like an amazing evening… Congrats to this year's All Ireland Champs!



Born to west of Ireland parents Thomas and Peggy Gallagher, it’s no surprise that Liam Gallagher swings by every so often for a bit of a break.

What is probably more surprising, however, is that he is so eager to join in on a local Sunday night seisún.

Still, that’s exactly what happened earlier this week, when the former Oasis frontman called into JJ Finan’s pub in the town of Charlestown in Co. Mayo – where his mother grew up.

Delighting town residents present on the evening (one even made sure to shout out “go on, Gallagher!”), a guitar-wielding Liam joined local musicians in one corner of the well-known public house.

In one accompanying video clip later posted online, cups of milky tea can be seen alongside pints on the table in front of Mr Gallagher and his fellow performers.

Excitingly, the same clip appears to show the 42-year-old rocker singing previously unheard solo material. 

Indeed, the song could well contain a reference to his estranged brother Noel, 48, who quit Oasis back in 2009 – five years before the group was eventually disbanded entirely.

The lyrics include the lines: "Yes I know, I've been wrong. Didn't do what I was told. Yes I know, I've been wrong. Didn't do what I was told. I ain't looking for no 9-5. Sick of wasting all my precious time. Cos it's alright. Cos it's alright now."

Noel’s latest solo album, Chasing Yesterday, was released in February, and Liam also sings the lyrics: "When I wake up and I hear you say, there's no love worth chasing yesterday."

Liam had flown into Knock airport – where he was required to take the obligatory ‘Mayo for Sam’ snap – late last week.

On arrival, Liam popped into the local Mace to pick up no fewer than nine bags of Tayto, five bags of Galaxy Minstrels, six Wispa Golds… and some shaving foam.

He also swung by Charlestown GAA club for photos there.

Reports suggest that he remains in the area now, though he intends returning to Britain shortly. 



Ed Sheeran is really settling into Irish culture this week.

Not only has he managed to sell out his massive Croke Park gigs this weekend, he’s also making time to get in touch with his Irish family.

At a press conference earlier this week he explained that while he was delighted to be able to spend some time pottering about our grand little island, he wouldn’t exactly be spotted in Coppers buying pints for all, yet.


Can't wait for this weekends shows at Croke Park stadium. I love me some Ireland

A photo posted by @teddysphotos on

“I’ve been at my gran’s. We ate pasta last night, hung out with the dogs… Nothing really rock’n'roll to be honest.”

Sounds lovely to be honest, who doesn’t love pasta and puppies? Ed’s granny lives in Wexford, so surely some fans were wondering around hoping to catch a glimpse of the star singer.


Croke Park night #1 !

A photo posted by @teddysphotos on

Ed is obviously delighted to be able to play for such a massive crowd, saying that last night's gig was "mental" on Twitter. He is clearly quite the family man also:

“Croker is time to catch up with my gran and get cups of tea and not necessarily go out and do 15 Jagerbombs. Not saying that won’t happen at some point, but for this first few days I’m focusing on family sh*t.”

Oh Ed, we love you even more.

If that wasn’t enough to make us all giddy, last night Ed found the perfect way to combat any nerves he had before heading out on stage.

He grabbed a hurley and sliotar and had a fine little puck about before greeting the huge crowd. We wonder if anyone told him it was upside down though?…

Not content with mastering our favourite past time, Ed further immersed himself in our Irish ways when he brought Swords natives Kodaline on stage to sing their single All I Want and Raglan Road.

Who else is excited to see what happens tonight? We certainly are. 


For the past ten days since the terrible tragedy which occurred in Berkeley and led to the death of six young Irish students, communities up and down the country have come together to help those affected.

Now, a Dublin GAA club have banded together to gather support for one of their members.

Jack Halpin from Rathmines was one of the seven people dangerously injured during the balcony collapse. Medical staff in California have described his condition at the moment as ‘fair’. The 21-year old had just completed a commerce degree from UCD.

Jack is a member of the Templeogue GAA club and has been playing hurling and fooball with them since he was at under-age level. He’s been known to be a great player and lover of both sports and represented Dublin when he was a younger player.

The website ‘Judes for Jack’ was created by members of the club with the aim of raising funds to help those affected by the deadly accident in Berkeley.

Jack’s family are heavily involved with the club and coached several of the teams. A spokesperson for the club said that:

 “Communities throughout the country have thousands of Jack Halpins with hopes and dreams of a bright and shining future in career and sport and in love and friendship, unmarred by thoughts of tragedy and loss, such as that inflicted recently on those young lives in California.”

The fundraising website hopes to offer support for Jack and others as they recover from their injuries and they wish for “communities to show that none of us as individuals needs ever feel alone.”

The website reads:

“Jack, among others of his friends, has sustained serious injuries which will involve periods of hospitalisation and recuperation and recovery, which we hope will be timely and completely successful and will allow Jack to return, fully restored, to the bosom of his family and his people.”

The club have made a touching gesture at such a difficult time.



How cute is this?! 

These GAA players prove they are soft at heart with this adorable version of Frozen's Love Is An Open Door

Their chemistry is palpable and the video is quickly going viral after it was posted on the GAA Banter Page. 




Sarah Jessica Parker is back in Donegal – and it seems she’s a big GAA fan!

The Sex and the City star and hubby Matthew Broderick own a house in lovely Kilcar.

And the Hollywood stars have arrived back to enjoy a few days of R&R there.

The couple’s son James was even spotted wearing a brand new Donegal jersey in Dunkineely.

According to a local shopkeeper, SJP bought four Donegal jerseys, but didn’t get any players names on them.

The couple are understood to be staying in Donegal for a couple of weeks before jetting back to America.

Sarah has previously spoken of how much she loves visiting Ireland.

She said, “The Donegal people are renowned the world over for their kindness.

“The locals always make us feel very welcome, and it is flattering that some even talk of us as one of their own. Donegal is always our preferred holiday destination”

We think she should just move here, so we can hang out with our favourite style queen!