We were somewhat worried when we released that blue eyeshadow (hello, dodgy teenage years) was once again becoming a bit of a thing. 

Now we have yet more beauty news of concern: frosted lips are also definitely having a serious resurgence. 

And while you might cringe at your own past disasters (or, ya know, look in hopeless wonder at the likes of Pam Anderson) – the modern, 2015 trend for frosted lips is WAY more refined than it was in the 90s.

For that you can thank better formulas that don't reflect light in such an, ahem, intense way. 

"Today, we have new technology, frosted lipsticks have better light reflectivity than they used to," says top make-up artist Phillippe Chansel.

"Because of the finer pearl particles, they deliver a smoother finish and an even application." 

He also told Refinery 29: "Not to mention that the background shades of the frosts are also more flattering – think berries, bronzes, and warm neutrals rather than bubblegum pink and washed out tan."

If you're still hesitant about the trend, check out some celebs rocking the frosted lip this year: