There’s NOWHERE left to hide: blue eyeshadow is very much back

Hurrah! New York Fashion Week has just kicked off.

And while we've been suitably absorbed by the gorgeous catwalk attire on display (thank you, Victoria Beckham) we've also been distracted by one rather worrying trend: blue eye-shadow.

It's not just a trend, in fact – it's now a full-blown, there's-nowhere-to-hide, cosmetics CRAZE.

We're blaming Diane Von Furstenberg: DvF, we love you lots, but during last night's spectacular NYFW show, ALL of the featured top models sported ol' blue eyes.

Meaning this is one look we're just going to have to embrace in some capacity.

Yes, Kendall Jenner, Karlie Kloss, Jourdan Dunn, and Gigi and Bella Hadid all sashayed down the catwalk with beautiful azure-hued makeup.

Dodgy Eighties' disco divas be gone – these ladies showed how to seriously pull off the look for 2015.

Away from the glamour of celebrity events, for the rest of us a load of top cosmetics brands have this year also embraced gorgeous shades of aqua, sapphire, electric and sky – so there really is a perfect tint out there for every skin-tone. 

Here, SHEmazing! rounds up the five best ways to tackle the trend…


1) Keep it simple:

Make the look modern by keeping the rest of your make-up to a minimum: that means no contouring, heavy lips or dramatic lashes and brows.  

2) Liner is your friend:

If you don't fancy a full-on shadow, liner is brilliant for road-testing the look. Sweep under your eye and smudge gently before applying mascara and hey presto! you've nodded to the trend without going all out.

3) Ice-cool, baby:

Icy blues work well on all shades of iris – use on the inner and outer edges to broader out your eyes. Or keep the look clean by adding the same hue to the centre of your lid.

4) Get blending:

Still not convinced? Work with nude colours you already have in your make-up bag. A brown and blue blend really well together – so apply an earthy brown as normal, and then finish off with a bright blue. 

5) Just take the plunge:

Fake it until you make it – go full-on DvF catwalk with liner and exaggerated shadow. Embracing a tricky look with confidence can really go a long way and anyway, you might just in the process stumble upon your new favourite, oh-so flattering look.