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Matthew Perry opened his first West End show in London yesterday and let's just say that initial reactions are not good. 

The End of Longing tells the tale of a bunch of troubled New York 30-somethings as they struggle to find love, happiness and contentment. 

So pretty much a Friends sequel then…

"There’s little disguising the fact that it is essentially a dud…" came the Telegraph's review of the play. 

"It all feels like a curious waste of time, money and effort – and I’m sure I won’t be the only one watching this rickety star vehicle who’s left longing for the end."


Other critics noted the play's gendered stereotyping as in a review done by the Independent. 

"It is a woeful attempt at a dark-but-redemptive rom-com, drawing on Perry’s own experiences of addiction…"

"Perry’s gendered clichés are as stale as a drunk’s morning breath."

Despite many criticising Matthew for giving his own character all the best lines, the Guardian had some positive comments for Matt's performance. 

"Perry, with his permanent stubble and greying hair, is certainly a beguiling presence and generously gives his character most of the play’s best lines."

The actor had missed the upcoming Friends reunion to star in the play and we just hope it's worth it. 

Let's hope Matthew's fans will enjoy the show more than the critics. 


You can’t deny that the TV series Friends was kind of a big deal back in the day. In the early 2000s the cast of the show decided to make the most of their success.

They group famously negotiated their way to be on the receiving end of $1 million per episode. Today that would be just under €1 million, in case you were wondering.

Series creator Marta Kauffman was recently discussing her latest Netflix venture Grace and Frankie when she told reporters that the size of the pay cheques the cast were getting were “kinda ridiculous”.

When asked about the difference between running her current show and her previous sitcom, she pointed out that the kind of money the Friends cast could negotiate was more than any other series at the time.

“A million dollars an episode is kinda ridiculous. Let’s be honest, that’s a lot of money.,” she told the Television Critics Association.

She said that on her current TV series it would be “unrealistic” for that kind of cash to be spent for every episode they produce. Marta explained “that was a case where the cast knew how valuable the show was to the network in terms of the advertisers."

When Friends first began in 1994, the six cast members were each paid a more modest €20,000 per episode. As the series began to grow more and more popular until it became something of a pop culture phenomenon, the cast started demanding they be paid more.

By the time the last series of episodes were on the air in 2003 they were each receiving €1 million each per episode.

While the series still remains fiercely popular, it doesn’t look like the die-hard fans will be getting their much longed for reunion. Earlier this year Matt LeBlanc told the Huffington Post that “he didn’t see it happening.”

We’ll be waiting, if it ever does happen..



Today is the day we’ve all been waiting for ladies – an actual Friends reunion!

Jennifer Aniston was on Jimmy Kimmel Live when he told her about how much he loved Friends back in the day. So much so, that he created an exact replica of their apartment and invited Courteney Cox and Lisa Kudrow (AKA Monica and Phoebe) to join them in acting out a brand new scene (with Jimmy playing the role of Ross, of course!).

Unfortunately for Joey and Chandler, they were written out of Jimmy’s script, after being bitten by Marcel the monkey and contracting monkey rabies. Still, we were happy to see the girls back in that amazing apartment in the middle of New York City that none of us could ever actually afford! Watch it here!