Matthew Perry’s West End play has been majorly SLAMMED by critics

Matthew Perry opened his first West End show in London yesterday and let's just say that initial reactions are not good. 

The End of Longing tells the tale of a bunch of troubled New York 30-somethings as they struggle to find love, happiness and contentment. 

So pretty much a Friends sequel then…

"There’s little disguising the fact that it is essentially a dud…" came the Telegraph's review of the play. 

"It all feels like a curious waste of time, money and effort – and I’m sure I won’t be the only one watching this rickety star vehicle who’s left longing for the end."


Other critics noted the play's gendered stereotyping as in a review done by the Independent. 

"It is a woeful attempt at a dark-but-redemptive rom-com, drawing on Perry’s own experiences of addiction…"

"Perry’s gendered clichés are as stale as a drunk’s morning breath."

Despite many criticising Matthew for giving his own character all the best lines, the Guardian had some positive comments for Matt's performance. 

"Perry, with his permanent stubble and greying hair, is certainly a beguiling presence and generously gives his character most of the play’s best lines."

The actor had missed the upcoming Friends reunion to star in the play and we just hope it's worth it. 

Let's hope Matthew's fans will enjoy the show more than the critics.