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With Unicode refusing to create an actual condom emoji to protect sexters’ beloved aubergines, the world’s leading sexual health brand has sourced an umbrella-shaped loophole.

To mark World AIDS Day 2016, Durex is encouraging the public to share the “Umbrella with Raindrops” emoji as an unofficial symbol of safe sex.

A recent survey conducted by the contraception giant revealed more than 75 percent of 16 to 35-year-olds use emojis when discussing sex.

And with almost half of that age group believing HIV could never affect them – despite 2.1 million people becoming infected with the virus in the last year – it seem sexters are in desperate need of anything which encourages the promotion of safe sex.

Speaking of the venture, Durex Global Category Director, Volker Sydow, said: “At Durex we believe that for this World AIDS Day identifying the unofficial safe sex emoji is an important step that helps to empower young people to put safe sex back on the agenda, supporting the fight to reduce the spread of HIV and AIDS.”

“We are asking people to show their support for the cause by using this unofficial safe sex emoji and sharing the hashtag #CondomEmoji.”


As we all know, sex is a two-way thing. Pleasing your partner is equally as important as ensuring you get your kicks when it comes to the no-pants-dance, right?

Well, astonishingly, Durex revealed in a recent survey that 74% of adults report a total lack of sensitivity when it comes to using condoms, and furthermore, a lot of people then worry that sex is way less enjoyable because of it.

We can do better than that, can't we?!

Well, the condom brand that has been taking care of us for over 80 years certainly think so, and have just released a new 'invisible' condom – Durex's thinnest ever.

With a new super premium look, Durex iNViSiBLE is now available in Extra Sensitive and Extra Lubricated variants – all so we can have some really great sex.

It totally maximises the sensation, and with a high level of protection, you're totally good to… erm, go.

Durex iNViSiBLE condoms are available from all major retailers nationwide, and retail at €18.99 for a pack of 12.

Hop on it, ladies. 



You either LOVE Valentine's Day or you hate it. And it's easy to see both points of view.

If you love spending time with bae and relish with all the sappy love songs, poems, teddy bears and cards, then good for you.

On the other hand, Durex surveyed couples all around Ireland and found that only 24 percent are actually looking forward to the day and 28 percent said that if they receive roses it'll be a serious turn-off. Ouch.

So, to cut the clichés of V-Day, here's some cards that tell it like it is – and these are all available to download via Durex's Honest Valentine's Day Cards app on Facebook.



With Valentines Day just around the corner and with that the release of the highly anticipated 50 Shades of Grey Movie (finally!), Niamh Geaney met up with renowned Sex Expert Alix Fox at Durex's 50 Games to Play event held last night. Take a look to see how us Irish fair in the bedroom from how adventurous we are, to how we could spice things up!

The best part of all…the full #50GamesToPlay Guide (a bespoke handbook of sex tips, games and inspiration to help couples put some fun back into the bedroom) can be downloaded for free from http://50gamestoplay.durex.com/​ So what are you waiting for?